The Mystery of Mirny
The trauma of Mirny's abnormal incident has left many experts searching for answers.
Senior Researcher Hope seems to have found a way to neutralise the Immortal.

Help the researchers to collect Mirium and get rewards!

Event Start: 28 October 06:30 UTC+8
Event End: 11 November 06:30 UTC+8

Get the King Tiger (Captured), dark 3D Styles, spooky decals, and more!




King Tiger (Captured)

Mirny-inspired 3D style: Nox Tenebris, Event decals, 4 unique crew members, Personal Reserves


Event Guide  

Find 8 Reels and Decrypt Them With Keys

Your progress will unlock the Mirny mystery as you go along.

For each Reel you decrypt, you'll get rewards like: event-inspired decals, Personal Reserves, four unique crew members with 100% trained Brothers in Arms as a zero perk, and other prizes.

Somebody's Selling Decryption Keys at the Premium Shop

Missing a few keys to complete the event?
They are available for purchase at the Premium Shop.




Tune in to selected Twitch Streams during this event for Twitch Drops!



We've got intelligence on hostile vehicles!

Guard (Churchill, Sherman, Pershing, Churchill BP, Patton, or Caernarvon):
The basic enemy with “normal” behavior.
Alpha (T28 Prototype):
Leader of the Guards and a strong opponent with aggressive behavior.
Rabbit (Luchs):
A weak but fast enemy with lots of Mirium that tries to escape.
A fast kamikaze tank that rams into the player and explodes upon contact.
Alpha Hedgehog:
The more menacing version of the standard Hedgehog.
Hunter (Panther II, E 50, or an E 50M):
Persistently stalks the player that spawned it until it is destroyed.
Mosquito (KV-2 turret):
A static bot that can spawn in unreachable locations (like roofs or hills) and shoots from long range.

The Immortal
The ultimate enemy with massive damage and a fiery aura that steals Mirium and inflicts damage.