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The 11.11 Sale is back!
Featuring discount packages on four fan-favorite vehicles and twenty 3d styles!

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Four Horsemen of the Shopocalypse

Grab these Tier VIII powerhouses while you can! Rare and sought after, you never know when they'll be on sale again!

Twenty 3d styles for your favorite Tier VI, VIII, and X tanks are also up for grabs!
Check out the sale to find a 3d style for you!

Massive Discounts

Make the most out of your gold and credits with 50% off the following:

  • XP to Free XP

    At a rate of 1 Gold = 35 Free XP

  • Equipment & Styles

    Now's the time to pimp your ride with bells and whistles!

  • Garage Slots & Bunks

    Get more slots for a wider selection of crew and vehicle options ready for battle.

  • Crew Skills Training

    Keep your crew competitive! Reset skills, train/re-train crew, and change specializations.

Feel like earning some rewards? Feeling peckish?
Complete the 11.11 Sale mission for the "Monkey King" Decal and one of each nation's rations!

Check your Missions in-game for more details