Casual - SEA Cup
토너먼트 상태: 종료 종료

[Casual] SEA Cup

토너먼트 상태:

종료 종료
Welcome to the SEA Cup! Please read the "Register Eligibility" section to see if you're valid to participate!


  • 32/32 확정된 팀
  • SE + RR 토너먼트 대진 방식
  • Type 59 + Up to 5,000 gold! 상품
  • W.o.T. 0, ASIA 1 서버

토너먼트 상세 정보

  • 팀 구성 7 후보 + 1명
  • 전투 모드 공방전
  • 전차 단계 VIII
  • 전차 단계 총합 제한 56
  • 추가 정보 Announcement: Due to an error with the system not calibrating the correct max tier points for the SEA Cup, you may have encountered technical defeats/victories despite meeting its requirements. We’ll be rescheduling all matches from round 1 to 17:40 UTC+8 to allow teams a chance to play these matches out to determine our best SEA representatives on 29th October. Apologies for the convenience and see you on the battlefield! Minimal Requirements: To avoid the scenario of technical victory/defeats. Please follow these minimal requirements when the tournament lobby opens! (1) In-game Roster: At least 5 players (2) Total Tier: At least 40 Tier Points


샌드 리버

확정된 팀

게임 서버 등록 옵션
(팀 확정 필요)


  • Match setting
  • Stage structure
  • Registration Eligibility (IMPORTANT!)
Match setting

Match setting

  • Roster : 7 players + 1 reserve (8 max)
  • Max Tier: Tier VIII Tanks
  • Max Tier Points: 56
  • Mode: Attack & Defense Bo3 (Final Bo5)
  • Restrictions
    • Only players can participate in their respective country's cup
    • Maximum 2 players are outside of SEA countries allowed
Stage structure

Stage structure

  • Qualifiers
    • Format: Round Robin Group Stages (Maximum 4 groups with 8 teams per group)
    • Winner: 1st Place each group advances to Finals
    • Mode: Attack & Defense Bo3
  • Finals
    • Format: Single Elimination (Top 4 teams)
    • Mode: Attack & Defense Bo5
    • Livestream for each region
Registration Eligibility (IMPORTANT!)

Registration Eligibility (IMPORTANT!)

  • This tournament is open to all World of Tanks Asia server teams, except those consisting of more than 3 players who are geographically based in any of the following countries:
    • Taiwan
    • Korea
    • Japan (Alienware Cup has ended)
    • Australia/New Zealand
  • Teams can be a combination of players from multiple countries in SEA, but only a maximum of 2 players outside of the SEA region will be allowed to join.
    • Example 1:
      • 2 PH 2 MY 2 TH 1 SG ⇒ eligible
    • Example 2:
      • 3 PH 2 MY 1 KR 1 AU ⇒ eligible
    • Example 3:
      • 2 TH 2 PH 2 TW 1 JP ⇒ not eligible
  • If you live outside of SEA, don’t fret – you’ll get your turn soon enough! This tournament is part of a series of country-specific tournaments, so keep an eye out for the announcement of your country’s exclusive tournament in the coming months!

토너먼트 승자

팀장 팀장 게임 서버 게임 서버 등록 옵션 등록 옵션


순위 보상
1st Place 5,000 Gold + Type 59 + Garage Slot
2nd Place 5,000 gold per player
3rd/4th Place 2.000 gold per player
1st Place Advance to Final
2nd place 500 gold per player
3rd place 300 gold per player
4th place 200 gold per player
5th/6th place 100 gold per player

토너먼트 대진 방식

대진표를 생성하기에 팀이 너무 많습니다. /64

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대진표를 생성하기에 팀이 너무 많습니다. /32

해당 단계 정보가 없습니다.


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