World of Tanks Fansite Kit


Tank Commanders!

We are pleased to give you the opportunity to use your creativity and build your own World of Tanks fansite.

We are now providing you with a variety of materials in a fan kit* to help create a fascinating fansite. We definitely welcome your feedback on the fan kit's content in the respective thread.

*A fansite kit is a set of various materials, including logos, images, screenshots, icons, wallpapers, etc. to help site owners establish a substantial fan source.

In the specially created .zip archive you will find:

  • Fan Art  by World of Tanks contest winners
  • Key art
  • and World of Tanks logos
  • World of Tanks vehicle renders
  • Various original screenshots
  • Signatures
  • Smileys
  • Tank Tech Trees
  • Gameplay and update videos, trailers, and teasers
  • Wallpapers
  • Text files with the game concept description

Fan kits:

For information about the appropriate and approved use of any World of Tanks assets, please read World of Tanks Privacy Policy, Terms of Service and Fansite Requirements.

Create your own World of Tanks!