9.8 Get the Pz II Ausf J, on sale for the first time in Asia! Get the Pz II Ausf J, on sale for the first time in Asia!


WGL APAC-Asia Season I 2015 – 2016 Week 6

Looks like things are heating up in both the Gold and Silver Series!

[Contest] Absolute Tank Company Clan Rumble Weekend

Time to form up and roll out with your clan for an all-out brawl with rival clans! Tons of gold are on the line - good luck!

Clan Wars Maintenance on 7 July 2015

Please be informed that there would be a Clan Wars maintenance on 7 July 2015.

Global Map Maintenance on 06 July, 2015

World of Tanks will be conducting a maintenance on 06 July, 2015.

Refer a Friend: Updates and Opportunities

The Refer a Friend program has been refreshed with new updates and opportunities.

Common Test 9.9

Common Test 9.9 #2 is now ACTIVE. View the preliminary patch notes and download the test client now!

Domination: Supply Swarm to be available in Common Test #2

In the next iteration of the Common Test for 9.9, players will be able to test the new Supply Swarm format for Domination Mode.

03-10 July: [Premium Shop] Eyes on the Battlefield

You know the rules of survival: Spot the enemy before you're spotted. Taking the opportunity to replenish your reserve of supplies before your enemies helps too.

Weekly Special: Eyes on the Battlefield!

The light tanks are zipping around the battlefield this week! Buy your favourite at a discount and help your team spot the enemy for various rewards, and the chance to test-drive the Valentine II.