Coming Soon: The WGL APAC Season 3 Finals! (Part 2)

Fun, firepower and freebies – the WGL APAC Season 3 Finals has got it all.

[Contest] Pacific Elite: WGL APAC S3 Finals

Time to vote for your favourite team to win for the WGL APAC S3 finals! If they do, you could receive a prize!

Tank Masters - Upcoming mobile app in the 'Useful Software' section [UPDATED]

A new puzzle game about tanks is about to invade your mobile devices. Update: The app is now available!

Portal Maintenance on 4 March, 2015

World of Tanks will be conducting a maintenance on the portal on 4 March, 2015.

The World of Tanks Generals CBT is now open! important

If you have access to the Closed Beta, you can start playing World of Tanks Generals now!

Girls und Panzer Special Pack 9.6 Installer Edition Released!

The Girls und Panzer Special Pack is back with an installer! Applying the mod has never been easier, plus it's all free!

01 - 31 March: [Premium Shop] March's Monthly Specials

The KV-220 and LTP will be available in the Premium Shop throughout the month of March!

Tournaments Galore: Registrations [Updated]

Sign your team up for available tournaments here.

[AUS] Wargaming Asia 3rd Anniversary Perth Meet!

Fellow Australians, here's your chance to meet up and roll out for Wargaming Asia's 3rd Anniversary event in Perth!

Coming Soon: The WGL APAC Season 3 Finals! (Part 1)

Find out everything you need to know about this season's finals event here!