WGL APAC-Asia S2 Finals: Schedules and Results

Need a handy guide for the WGL APAC-Asia S2 finals to learn about the schedules and up-to-the-minute results? Here it is!

Video: BRW International Edition #1

The Best Replays of the Week (BRW) video series is back! Watch as the rest of the world try out crazy plays and learn from the best.

Tournaments Galore: Registrations and Results [Updated]

Sign your team up for Siege of 8s or Absolute Frontiers here. Check back for results too!

New Player, New Ace! T-127 Ace Mastery Contest [UPDATED]

Calling all new tank commanders! Have you read the Player Induction Guide yet? Show us what you've learned by earning an Ace Mastery medal with your T-127 and we'll reward you with some gold! Update: We now have our winners!

WGL APAC-Asia S2: Players Choice Winners Announcement

Check here to see who the public has decorated with Players Choice Awards medals! There are voters who won premiums too! Find out if your name is in here!

[Contest] Medal Madness: Demolition Expert

Time to blow up some turrets for this week's Medal Madness contest!

eSports Spotlight: PVP Super Friends

Our next eSports Spotlight article concerns one of Asia's best and most renowned teams: PVP Super Friends. Watch the video of their interview and read all about them here!

Update 9.4 Common Test Notes [Updated]

Read about the list of changes that will occur in our transition to Update 9.4.

Video: Made in China

Have a glimpse of Jason's workshop where he makes highly-detailed remote-controlled metal tanks in this short film!