Featured Content of the Month – Apr/May 2016

Here’s our line-up of the best content from Asia’s top teams for this month!

[Special] Military Parade: China

Acquire new Chinese vehicles this week as their turn arrives for the Military Parade!

[Special] Evolution of Tanks: Object 268

Devastate your opponents with pinpoint accuracy and excellent damage with the Object 268: our next feature in the Evolution of Tanks special.

RNG: No Comments 53

RNG is back, and as flashy as ever! Check out this video for some side-splitting RNG hilarity!

[Tournament] One Tank Army – Tier III Edition

It’s time to roll out solo, like a boss! Think you can take the heat and bring home the gold?

[Video] Best Replays of the Week International #31

This week's episode stars a Lizard in a T-10, two Pattons in Arms, and a rare Armoured Fist game. Catch the exciting replay in this video!

Platoons: Penalties, Bonuses, and Plans for the Future

In a platoon, tankers count on each other for victory. To encourage proper use of Platoons, we're rolling out some changes to the way Platoons work. Read this article for more information.

[Premium Shop] Offer for Credit Card Users: May 2016

Get FREE bonus gold when you buy gold on the premium shop with your credit card!

[Tournament] Absolute Frontier 3/15 Series – India & Juliet

Get ready to push your limits in battle – sign up now!

[Special] Military Parade: Skillful Play #4

Slow week ahead? Get through it by logging in and completing these Skillful Play missions!