Tournaments Galore: Registrations [Updated]

Sign your team up for available tournaments here.

[Video] New Global Map Review

A detailed report on the new Global Map is now showing! Watch the video here.

28-31 August: [Premium Shop] Farewell August

The month of August may be ending but the trusty old Premium Shop never runs out of supplies. Check out the new packages!

[Video] New Global Map

Having fun with your clanmates in the new Global Map? If you haven't already started playing, here's a quick video overview to watch!

[Contest] Personal Best

When was the last time you stepped out of your comfort zone? Take up this challenge for a chance to win Gold and Premium days!

Weekly Special: Look Up, It's Artillery!

Rain fire upon your enemies with Tier II - VII SPGs on sale this week!

Common Test 9.10

Common Test 9.10 #3 is now ACTIVE. Read up on the patch notes and try out the new Japanese heavy tanks and Rampage mode on the test server now!

[Illustration] Sisterhood of Steel feat. Shibafu #1: T29 Released!

A new World of Tanks collaboration with popular military illustrator Shibafu is starting up! We'll bring you new beautifully illustrated wallpapers each month to decorate your desktop, so look out for them!

Girls und Panzer Special Pack for Update 9.9 with Installer Released!

We are happy to present to you the Girls und Panzer Special Pack Mod for Update 9.9, now with the easy-to-use installer!

[Clan Wars] Global Map 1 Infographics

As we move into a new era with Global Map 2.0, take some time to view this infographic about the events and numbers we've achieved with the first version.