Registrations Now Open! Absolute Frontiers: 5/50

Team up with 5 fearsome tankers and rip up your opponents with Tier 10 tanks!

[CONTEST] WoT-up Your Twitch

Decorate your Twitch page with World of Tanks themes and you could be one of the 5 to win 1,000 Gold each!

The Clan Rating feature is now available!

The developers have created a new feature that allows players to measure the overall effectiveness of clans in battle. Check it out!

Missions and Specials on 25th July 2014

Time to get back to basics! We're slashing prices for all early-tiered tanks this week. Join us on another Hunt Us Down event too and win more gold!

25 July - 1 August: [Premium Shop] July End of Month Sales

East meets West for the last sale of July! Enjoy premium packages with American, French, and Chinese tanks!

Quarter Year Championship Q2: Tournament Recaps - Week 1

Teams from Hong Kong, Japan, and Vietnam battled for victory in QYC Week 1! Catch up on the recaps here!

[Results] Triple Threat #11

A winner has FINALLY claimed the Royal Straight Flush jackpot prize of 9,000 gold! Find out more about this person's identity and take a look at a replay of the match where it all happened.

New Medals Coming in Update 9.2

The game will be updated with new achievements soon – take a look at the preview here!

Inside the Chieftain's hatch. Snapshots. Leopard 1

The Leopard 1 is a tier 10 medium tank that can be found on the German tech tree. This episode explores how the tank looks up close in real life.

Support Maintenance on 23 July, 2014

World of Tanks will be conducting a maintenance on the support site on 23 July, 2014.