[Video] The Challenger and the Chieftain

Did you know that The Challenger once served as a driver for the Chieftain (the tank, not the man)? Check out this video where he presents the vehicle in all its glory.

Viva La Winners of WGL!

Cheer on our teams during the League Grand Finals!

The Grand Finals: Exclusive AMX 13 57 tank

A new challenger appears! Get to know the new French AMX 13 57 that is going to be available exclusively during the Grand Finals!

eSports Spotlight: GASHPLUS_NightEagles

Find out how this Taiwanese tank crew plans on soaring above the pack!

[Contest] Wear the Colours ~ WGL Grand Finals

Show off your support to your favourite Asian representatives for WGL to win Gold and Premium time! Here's how.

Т-54 First Prototype: Simple and Reliable

A new member will join the ranks of the USSR branch in the soon to be released Update 9.7. Come get acquainted with the first Tier VIII premium medium tank — the T-54 first prototype!

[Contest] Tanks and Battlefields - Road to WGL Grand Finals [UPDATED]

Get into the spirit of tournament season and win some battles on WGL maps! 20 winners will receive 300 Gold each. Update: We now have our winners!

Weekly Special: WGL Grand Finals

The largest international tournament for World of Tanks will happen next week; get hyped with loads of great sales!

The Grand Finals – Interview With The NA Teams

We asked the North American teams for a short introduction. Read further to see their answers on some questions.