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Update 9.17.1: UI Improvements and Platoons

Changes are coming to the Garage UI, vehicle filters, platoons, and more.

[Weekend Special] Tank Nation Spotlight: USSR

The power of Soviet Steel compels you! Here's your chance to introduce some new mid-tier tanks in your garage, or purchase the IS-6 and T-54 First Prototype directly from the Premium Shop.

WGL APAC Season II 2016-2017 Week 5

A stellar week for Team Efficiency, and a history-making battle not to be missed!

[Video] Best Replays of the Week International #52

Featuring the most epic tank battles from received replays!

RNG: No Comments 72

You can count on the RNG for a good show. Let's watch the video!

9.17.1 Common Test #2 [UPDATED]

Try out the features of the coming update and share your feedback with us! Common Test 9.17.1 #2 is currently ACTIVE.

[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem of the Week: FV201 (A45)

This elusive British tank has only been available in the Asia server twice. Here's your chance to get it now!

[Video] Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: Stridsvagn m/42, Part 2

In this part of the Stridsvagn m/42 episode, we go inside the Stridsvagn m/42 and look at interesting features created by Swedish designers: convenient sight, well-thought-out dunnage system, an extra steering mode, and more. Enjoy!

[Contest] Valentine's Challenge

Score achievements in the name of love!

[Special] Mid-Week Madness: Earn Your Boosters!

Need to earn just a little more EXP to grab that next tier vehicle? These boosters are the answer!

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