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Tanks On The World Map: Paris

Ah, Paris! A beautiful bridge, the city's reflection in the water, cafés lining the streets... the Paris map, like the city itself, holds many secrets. Come and learn all about how the developers created this map for World of Tanks!

23-30 September: [Premium Shop] September Equinox

Some of these vehicles are built to penetrate enemy defences. Browse the packages here!

WGL APAC Season I 2016-2017 Week 7

The League APAC is back to battling this week - don't forget to tune in to catch them in action!

[Weekend Special] Earn Your Stripes: Major

The last Earn Your Stripes special for the month is now here! Multiple discounts for equipment, consumables, garage slots and more await you.

[Special] Fabulous Friday

Enjoy your Friday with a flat x2 bonus to your EXP earnings in Random Battles when you deal massive damage to your foes!

Clan Wars Maintenance on 23 September 2016

Please be informed that there will be Clan Wars maintenance on 23 September 2016.

[Video] Best Replays of the Week International #41

On this week's episode of Best Replays of the Week International, we have the heaviest Steel Wall, a two-fisted Top Gun, and some truly epic artillery. Come see for yourself!

Centenary of Tanks: Swinton's Revolutionary Invention

Had it not been for the talent and persistence of a certain British officer, we may never have heard the clatter of tank tracks. Come and learn about the breakthrough achieved by Ernest Dunlop Swinton's.

RNG: No Comments 61

Eager to watch some epic wins and fails this week? No worries; RNG is here for you!

[Tournament] One Tank Army Season 2 – Tier VI Edition

It’s time to roll out solo, like a boss! Think you can take the heat and bring home the gold once again?

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