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The Game Plan: TCSG’s Guide to the WZ-111 model 1-4

A beast of a tank that’s perfectly built for getting up close and personal with!

[Clan Wars] Operation Asian Typhoon

Heads up, clans - a new operation is in the works and will begin soon!

Watch History Come Alive with New Panoramic Video

Follow the memories of three war veterans as a new 360-degree panoramic video illustrates their experience of real tank battles.

[Special] Military Parade: Skillful Play #1

Time to reset the counter back to 1 - the first batch of May's Skillful Play Bonus missions are here!

Monthly Specials: May

Enjoy a cool new look for your garage and a gold-earning mission for the entire month of May.

01 May - 01 June: [Premium Shop] Military Month May

Lots of in-game premiums packaged at discounted rates - and it looks like the special tanks from Berlin are back too!

Inside the Chieftain's Hatch: M47 Patton II (Part 2)

The Chieftain, Nicholas Moran, brings us deeper into the M47 Patton II, in this second episode! Watch this video to find out more about this tank!

[Illustration] Sisterhood of Steel feat. Shibafu #9: Chi-Ha Released!

The ninth illustration from the illustration series by Shibafu is here! This time around, it features a vehicle beloved by Japanese tank fans, Type 97 medium tank Chi-Ha featuring the original turret.

Featured Content of the Month – Mar 2016

Here’s our line-up of the best content from Asia’s top teams for this month!

World of Tanks 4th Anniversary: Random Achievements

Hey, it's been 4 years together as a community! Here are some fun facts that we have achieved.

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