All news League Highlights – Week 7

Get the scoop on the top players in the League, and watch a selection of the week’s best moments from all around the world!

October 2016 Desktop Wallpaper: Ferdinand

Host the mighty German TD on your desktop this month with a fancy new wallpaper! Calendars also included.

Update 9.16: Features

Update 9.16 comes with improvements to the user interface and changes to Battle Chat. Read this article to find out more.

[Special] Top of the Tree: T57 Heavy

Grab an American classic this week with the Top of the Tree special, featuring the T57 Heavy!

The Silver Mavericks Tournament Begins

Could Season II’s next WGL APAC champion be here among the underdogs? Let’s find out!

WGL APAC Season I 2016-2017 Week 8

It's the last week before the big Playoffs! Which 6 teams will survive for a chance at the Season I Finals?

[Special] Fabulous Friday / Onward to October

Give September a proper sendoff with one last x2 EXP special bonus for the month.

Centenary of Tanks: From “Little Willie” to a Mysterious “Water Carrier”

Ever wondered about how tanks came to be called "tanks"? Find out right here.

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