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War of 5s - Week II

Are you part of a team with fearsome tier 5s? Join in for the 2nd week of War of 5s to see where you stand amongst the best of tier 5 tankers!

Quarter Year Championship Q1: Week 3 Finals

Three weeks have passed in the blink of an eye! New heroes have decided to drive their tanks and take on their challengers. Who will win a place in the finals?

Video: Historical Battles

Can't get enough information about the upcoming Historical Battles game mode? Check out this video to see what it looks like!

Quarter Year Championship Q1: Final Week Registration

This is the last chance for you to be part of Q1's Quarter Year Championship! Sign up now!

Video: BRW Episode #11

The WGL is finally over, but we've still got plenty of awesome replays left to show!

[TW] World of Tanks Rolls Into Armour Base!

How was your last weekend? In Taiwan, many tank commanders spent their weekend with World of Tanks, real gigantic tanks, and beautiful WG Girls! If you missed this event, don’t miss our review!

[Result] Premium Tank Review: Matilda Black Prince

Congratulations to the top reviewers of the Matilda Black Prince!

Illustration Column Part 7: Chi-Ha Kai (Shinhoto)

This time in Japanese Tanks Illustration, military manga artist Motohumi “Genbun” Kobayashi brings you the “Type 97 Medium Tank Chi-Ha” with the upgraded turret mounting the 47mm gun, the “Type 97 Medium Tank Chi-Ha Kai!”

Reconstruction of the Maus

Wargaming, in cooperation with the Kubinka Tank Museum, intends to reconstruct the legendary Panzerkampfwagen VIII "Maus", with most of its parts currently missing or destroyed. They will be reconstructed at factories around the world with custom-manufactured parts in close cooperation with the most experienced military vehicle restorers.

[Contest] Egg & Rabbit Greeting Card Contest

What do rabbits, eggs, and tanks have in common? We'll leave it to your genius to impress the crowds! Easter screenshots that best portray "fantasy" will win 1,000 Gold!

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