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[MY] 23rd August 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

The cybercafe challenge has infiltrated Ipoh! Be the best, beat the rest, and you can win the 5,000 Gold that will be awarded to our top Ace.

Coming Soon: Twilight of Gods event

A new event for Clan Wars will soon be upon us! Will you save the world from the wrath of the gods before it consumes all?

Inside the Chieftain's hatch. Snapshots. STRV 42

The Chieftain gives a short introduction to the STRV 42, a former Swedish mainstay in the early 1940s.

[CONTEST] Skirmish Weekends: Champion [Updated]

Participate in Skirmish battles with your clan and build clan resources! Will your clan reign supreme for this Skirmish Weekend? UPDATE: We now have our winners!

[VN] 23 August: Cybercafe Challenge, Ho Chi Minh City

Have an early breakfast this Saturday - because you're invited for a Cybercafe Challenge in Ho Chi Minh City.

[SG] 23 Aug 2014 Cybercafe FREE PLAY & Challenge

Join us for more intense tank battles this Saturday in Singapore!

[Contest] Medal Madness: Sharpshooter [UPDATE]

It's the start of a brand-new contest! How many Sharpshooter medals can you get before time runs out? UPDATE: We now have our winners!

[PH] Cafe Tank Wars is Back for Season 2! [Updated]

The battles will be taking place in cafes at Manila, Pasay City, and Cebu City. Join in the fun here!

[Contest] Test Drive! Type 94-97 Te-Ke [Updated]

Great tank commanders know exactly how to bring out the best in their war vehicles. Show us your mastery of the latest tank and you could win some Gold! UPDATE: The results are now out!

Clan Wars Freeze on 20 August 2014

Please be informed that Global Map will be frozen during this downtime.

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