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History Feature: A7V - Germany's First Tank

Step into the past and learn about how the first tank of Germany, the A7V came about.

[PH] Amazing Race Contest

Want to game with your very own Razer setup? Here's how to win one.

The Grand Finals – NA Server Representation

eLevate and RUlette are ready to fight for victory in the Grand Finals!

Weekly Special: Sensha-do (Way of the Tank)

Charge ahead to battle with your favourite Japanese tank at a discount, thanks to this week's specials!

27 March - 03 April: [Premium Shop] Japan's Sensha-dō "Way of the Tank"

This week's all about the "Way of the Tank". Release your Sensha-do spirit with the San-Shiki bundle!

WGL APAC Rating Points 2014

Have you been keeping score? Here’s how our top APAC teams did this year!

[Video] ASAP #31: Update 9.7

Watch the video to learn about the new additions coming to you in Update 9.7!

[Video] The Challenger: Asia Edition - Australian Armour and Artillery Museum

The Challenger embarks on a tour of Asia's military artefacts and exhibits! Our first stop: the Australian Armour and Artillery Museum in Cairns, featuring the iconic T-72 tank.

Common Test 9.7

Common Test 9.7 #4 is now ACTIVE.

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