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Motivational Mondays now updated with new rules [Updated]

We're switching up our Motivational Mondays contest to keep it fresh and interesting. Have a look at the new rules here!

Field Forecast: Guess The Top Grand Finals Teams And Win! [UPDATED]

Can you predict our teams’ placing in The Grand Finals? Update: We now have our winners!

Brief History of Tank Development #4

In Part 4 of this series, the German tanks finally meet their match in battle. Read on to find out what happened.

Tournaments Galore: Registrations [Updated]

Sign your team up for available tournaments here.

Weekly Special: Evolution of Tanks - Object 268

The Evolution of Tanks special makes a triumphant return with the Object 268 TD.

Monthly Special: May 2015

Here's a new mission for you: Win a battle and earn 10 gold! It's available for the whole of May, so get going!

[Fan Art] Featured Works #3

Did you submit any artwork to the fan art section of the forums? Here are the submissions from 30 December 2014 - 9 April 2015 that stood out most.

[Contest] Work! Work!

Labour Day might fall on the start of May, but there's no break between battles in World of Tanks! Work hard and earn your medal for the vehicle class of your choice, and you may win some gold!

[Special] Viva la winners of WGL... 2nd Place!

Asia has stunned the world in this year's Grand Finals as team EL Gaming (formerly known as ELONG) blazed to 2nd Place. Because of their achievements, everyone gets an additional x2 EXP bonus!

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