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Update 9.0: Missions for Historical Battles

Take a shot at rewriting history! Six new missions await you as you step into the battles of yesterday. Do well and you will be rewarded likewise!

New Premium Tanks: SU-85I

Make way for the new kid on the block - the SU-85I! This Soviet tank destroyer has been stowed away in the garage for too long, but now it's back and ready to battle. Get yours now!

New Player Profile Comparison Feature

The World of Tanks portal has added a new feature that lets you compare player profile details with each other, including your own. Find out how it works here!

Wargaming League Grand Finals Recap: A Journey to Remember

We trace back on the 3 days of WGL and follow PVP Super Friend's amazing journey throughout the tournament. Read on to find out what we've been up all these while!

Wargaming League Grand Finals Replays

Missed the Wargaming League Grand Finals? Don't sweat it. We have with us the exciting tournament battle recaps & replays here.

18-25 April: [Premium Shop] Mid April Specials

Did some wizard cast some fancy multiplication magic in the Premium Shop? We see tanks, Comrades. Tanks everywhere!

Missions and Specials on 18th April 2014

Our specials for this week include a new Tier X Player's Choice tank, two EXP bonus events over the weekend and a focus on the British Tech Tree!

World of Tanks Update 9.0: New Frontiers important

It's the game mode all you history lovers have been waiting for! "Historical Battles" will be available in Update 9.0. Keep your eyes out for new German vehicles and reworked graphics on 10 tanks!

Update 9.0 Media important

Here's a fresh new batch of screenshots to tide you over while downloading Update 9.0!

Video: Update 9.0 Review

Check out a full summary of what 9.0 brings to World of Tanks, in video form!

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