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[Tournament] Military Drill Series 2017 Week 4

Work your way up the ranks and dominate the battlefield!

22-23 January: [Premium Shop] Lunar New Year Leadup 30% off Mega Sale - SU-122-44

Dealing huge amounts of damage is not a problem for this tank destroyer.

[Tournament] Big Fortune Tournament 2017

Welcome the Lunar New Year with gifts of gold and good fortune!

20-27 January: [Premium Shop] Weekly Offers ft. 112

What's the difference between the IS-6 and the 112? Find out here!

WGL APAC Season II 2016-2017 Week 2

Don’t miss this weekend’s stream – the battle for the top spot has only just begun!

Sandbox Server's Second Iteration Begins

Apply now to test revised penetration loss values, accuracy, and alpha damage.

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