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Top Tankers Event Announcement

Fight for Honor, Glory, and Trophies in the “Top Tankers” Event. You need only join Random Battles to participate!

Update 9.16: Take a Trip to Paris in Random Battles

We have the lowdown on the Paris map and its new home in Random Battles. Read this article for all the strategic info you require to master this improved battleground!

[Tournament] Military Drill Series 2016 Week 22

Work your way up the ranks and dominate the battlefield!

Presenting Your WGL APAC Season I Finals 2016-2017 Champions!

Missed the big show? Read all about it and check out the best moments here!

[Special] Medium Tank Focus

Grab some shiny new medium tanks at a discount and assume (almost) any role you want on the battlefield!

Stay Tuned: The WGL APAC Season I Finals 2016 – 2017

The WoT event of the Season has begun! Get the latest updates here!

World of Tanks Magazine: Issue 5 Released!

In this issue of WOT Magazine, discover the secrets of the Ferdinand, IS-6, and light tanks, both in-game and in the real word. Take the quiz for a chance at some awesome prizes!

The WGL APAC Season I Finals 2016 – 2017: Team Introductions

Who will you be rooting for this weekend? Let’s meet this Season’s top teams!

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