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Clan Wars Freeze on 24 November 2014

Please be informed that Global Map will be frozen during this downtime.

[Tournament] Save the Princess!

Help! Jilsa the Princess has escaped from the bandit base and now they're on the hunt to kidnap her once again. Sign up for the tournament now and be picked as the chosen team to ensure her safe return! Handsome rewards await...

Register Now! WGL APAC-ASIA S3: Bronze Series Week 1

Be part of Asia Pacific's biggest World of Tanks tournament!

WGL APAC-Asia Season 3: Coming Soon!

The third season of WGL APAC-Asia is set to begin! Have a look at the teams who will be competing in the Silver and Gold series of the tournament, and sign up to participate in the Bronze series.

[TW] Wargaming restored 5'' naval gun in Camp Osier

Wargaming is always devoted to the restoration of military equipment and weapons. After M41 Walker Bulldog in 2013, Wargaming has restored the 5'' naval gun where it is currently on display in Camp Osier, Kinmen, Taiwan.

[Contest] Medal Madness: Duelist

Revenge is sweet. This contest makes it sweeter. Earn the Duelist medal to enter a draw for Gold!

The 3rd Campaign: Second Stage - "Verdun Hell"

Ride into the depths of Verdun Hell and score victories with your clan!

Missions and Specials on 21st November 2014

The French are here this week; get their tanks on discount and roll out with style!

21 - 28 November: [Premium Shop] France Spotlight

Discounts on in-game premiums, a tier 3 tank destroyer, and a tier 8 heavy tank.

[Fan Art] Featured Works

Featuring six spectacular pieces from the forums! Each artist receives 2,000 Gold.

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