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[PH] Meet Our Tank Commanders

Members of the Philippine Army has been invited to talk about their experience with tanks. Join us!

9.17.1 Common Test #2 [UPDATED]

Try out the features of the coming update and share your feedback with us! Common Test 9.17.1 #2 is currently INACTIVE.

Update 9.17.1: German Tech Tree

The German Tech Tree will see some changes in Update 9.17.1. The Maus line will be revised, there will be balance changes to medium tanks and TDs, and select Premium vehicles will also see changes.

[Premium Shop] Collector's Gem of the Week: T-34-85M

The T-34-85M returns after a hiatus! This variant has the classic look while trading a little mobility for a thicker front armour. Get it on the Premium Shop now!

[Special] Heavy Tank Dailies

Be the meatshield for your team this week, or try destroying the enemy's frontline tanks with these missions!

[Tournament] Military Drill Series 2017 Week 8

Work your way up the ranks and dominate the battlefield!

Update 9.17.1: UI Improvements and Platoons

Changes are coming to the Garage UI, vehicle filters, platoons, and more.

[Weekend Special] Tank Nation Spotlight: USSR

The power of Soviet Steel compels you! Here's your chance to introduce some new mid-tier tanks in your garage, or purchase the IS-6 and T-54 First Prototype directly from the Premium Shop.

WGL APAC Season II 2016-2017 Week 5

A stellar week for Team Efficiency, and a history-making battle not to be missed!

[Video] Best Replays of the Week International #52

Featuring the most epic tank battles from received replays!

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