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Coming Soon: WGL APAC-ASIA Season II 2015-2016

Here’s what you need to know about the next season of Asia’s biggest WoT tournament!

23-30 November: [Premium Shop] WOT Fan Bonus 4

Earn my Bonus EXP Mission tokens are available here at the Premium Shop!

Rampage: Personal Missions

Personal Missions are coming to Rampage mode real soon, along with some great mission rewards!

[Special] Skillful Play #3

Up for another week of bonus EXP? Complete these missions to get at them.

[Special] WoT Fan Bonus #4

Up for another week of unlimited 500 Crew EXP and 250 EXP? Just complete the Fan Bonus missions to begin!

[PH] Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament Grand Finals

The Pinoy Tank Pride Tournament is about to end with a great Grand Finals! Find out which teams are still in the running and when/where the epic showdown will take place.

[Video] Update Review 9.12

Update 9.12 for World of Tanks is out now. Watch this review to learn more about the new game mode, the latest changes to vehicles, and improvements to visibility and the interface. Happy viewing!

Update 9.12 Is Ready For Action! [UPDATED] important

Download the update now and rampage across the new historically accurate map!

[Special] Evolution of Tanks: Type 5 Heavy

Invest in some superheavy tanks from Japan with the next Evolution of Tanks special!

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