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[Video] Guide Park: AMX CDC

Interested to learn about the newest Premium tank in the French arsenal? Watch this highly entertaining review to find out what you can and can't do with the AMX CDC!

Monthly Special: April 2015

We'll be offering bonus credits and EXP to all new tank commanders for all Random Battles for the entire month of April to jumpstart their way up the tiers. Check it out!

1st April - 1st May: April's Monthly Gift Shop Specials

Prosperity Chests have been unearthed and they're available for purchase at the Premium Shop!

Battle The Bosses To Win Gold & Glory!

Think you’re good enough to beat the Bosses of the Battlefield?

The Grand Finals – CIS Region Representation

Na’Vi and Hellraisers have emerged to represent their region!

History Feature: A7V - Germany's First Tank

Step into the past and learn about how the first tank of Germany, the A7V came about.

[PH] Amazing Race Contest

Want to game with your very own Razer setup? Here's how to win one.

The Grand Finals – NA Server Representation

eLevate and RUlette are ready to fight for victory in the Grand Finals!

Weekly Special: Sensha-do (Way of the Tank)

Charge ahead to battle with your favourite Japanese tank at a discount, thanks to this week's specials!

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