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[Khuyến mại] The Battle Is Ours: Landing

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Tank Commanders!

Did you manage to secure your Battle Token last week? Accessing the bonus reward missions for The Battle is Ours series requires all four tokens, so keep up the good work!

The time for Reconnaissance is over - the Landing phase begins now. Starting tomorrow, you'll need to destroy enemy medium tanks to discourage flanking offensives and counterattacks when the next big push begins. For your efforts, you'll stand to earn some much-needed First Aid Kits and Quality Oil, along with this week's Battle Token.

Additional Barracks Slots and Crew data changes will also be available at a discount for this duration to help you reorganise your crews. Lastly, take a look at some of the medium tanks on sale this week; fighting fire with fire is always an option!

Roll out!

[Special] The Battle Is Ours - Landing

Event Start: 9 October, 2015 (Friday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

Event End: 12 October, 2015 (Monday) @ 14:00 UTC+8 (06:00 UTC)

The Battle Is Ours - Landing (Discounts)

80% off for the following:

  •  Crew Personal Data replacement costs

50% off for the following:

  •  All Tier II - V regular Medium Tanks
  • Select Premium vehicles, including*
    • Pz.Kpfw. S35 739 (f)
    • T-25
    • Matilda IV
    • Matilda BP
  •  Barracks Slot costs

30% off for the following:

  •  All Tier VI - VII regular Medium Tanks

* - Discounts are also available on the Premium Shop.


Mission: Landing


Destroy at least 20 Medium Tanks while earning at least 35,000 EXP across any number of battles.


  • Random Battles only
  • Use a Tier IV or higher vehicle
  • Available once per account only


  •  2x Large First Aid Kits
  •  10x Quality Oil
  • 1x Battle Token