Hardcore - Battlefield Boss_B-Gaming
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[Hardcore] Battlefield Boss_B-Gaming

토너먼트 상태:

종료 종료
Challenge the WGL teams and get some gold! The “Battlefield Boss” is a hardcore tournament that includes WGL teams as a final boss for the participating teams to challenge.   This tournament contain 2 parts, the first part should be the participants playing against each other in order to determine the best few teams to challenge the Boss. The second part should be the advanced teams from part 1 playing against the Boss.


  • 33/33 확정된 팀
  • RR 토너먼트 대진 방식
  • Prize pool 46,400 Gold; Max 1,200 Gold per player 상품
  • W.o.T. 0 서버

토너먼트 상세 정보

  • 팀 구성 7 후보 + 8명
  • 전투 모드 공방전
  • 전차 단계 VIII - X
  • 전차 단계 총합 제한 68



확정된 팀

게임 서버 등록 옵션
(팀 확정 필요)


  • Tournament Overview
  • Tournament Structure
  • Tournament Format
  • Round Robin Rules
  • Tie Breaker Rules
  • Prize
  • Contact Us
Tournament Overview

Tournament Overview

All the participants will be grouped into 4 groups in Stage 1. The teams will receive a prize according to their Ranking. The top 1 team of each group will advance to next stage where they can challenge the Boss. If the team can defeat a Boss, they will receive an additional prize.

Since this a hardcore tournament including WGL teams, the tournament should follow the WGL rules.

Tournament Structure

Tournament Structure

2 Stages will be played in this tournament.

Stage 1:

  • 4 Groups. (All the teams will be divided into 4 groups.)
  • Best of 2, Round Robin.
  • Top 1st team in each group advances to Stage 2. (4 teams)

Stage 2:

  • 1 Group, 5 teams. (4 teams from stage 1 + 1 Boss team)
  • Best of 4, Round Robin
Tournament Format

Tournament Format

  • Team roster size: 8 players (Including 1 reserved player)
  • Team line up: 7 players
  • Maximum vehicle Tier: Tier X
  • Total Tier points: 68
  • Battle Mode: Attack/Defense Mode
  • Battle time: 10 minutes
  • Break time: 2 minutes
  • Map Pool: Mines, Ghost Town, Cliff, Himmelsdorf, Murovanka, Prokhorovka, Ruinberg and Steppes
Round Robin Rules

Round Robin Rules


  • 3 points for a win
  • 1 point for a draw
  • 0 point for a lose

Tie situation

If there is a tie between teams in rouund robin, the following rules will decide the ranking in order

  1. Win - lose relationship of the teams (if A and B are tie in points, but A win over B, A is the higher rank)
  2. Victory ratio (Total wins/total loses)
  3. Amount of victories in total. (Total wins)

If the rules above are not able to determine the ranking, a tie breaker will be played if the ranking is related to the advancement of the tournament. (In this tournament, it means the 1st placement of each group.) If not, the prize will be split with the tied teams.

Tie Breaker Rules

Tie Breaker Rules

Tie Breaker will be played at Day 2 (Sun.) 21:00 UTC+8.

A Bo1 will be played.

If there is still a tie after the tie breaker being played, ALL the teams will be eiminated.



Stage 1

Each player of the top 3 teams in each group in stage 1 will receive a prize:

  • 1st place in each group, 500 gold
  • 2nd place in each group, 300 gold
  • 3rd place in each group, 100 gold

If multi teams are tied, the gold will be split among the teams.

(Ex 1. If 2 teams are tied in 3rd, both team will recive 50 gold per player.)

(Ex 2. If 2 teams are tied in 2nd, both team will recive 200 gold per player. [(300+100)/2=200])

Stage 2

In stage 2, the prize is bounty based, every win you get will win you an additional prize.

  • Winnng a regular team, 100 gold
  • Winning the Boss team, 400 gold
  • Tie with a regular team, 50 gold
  • Tie with a Boss team, 200 gold

A maximum 700 gold per player can be obtained in this stage.

In total, a player can win a maximum of 700+500 = 1,200 gold.

Contact Us

Contact Us

Please contact us at this email address for any disputes or inquiries:


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팀장 팀장 게임 서버 게임 서버 등록 옵션 등록 옵션


순위 보상
Maximum Gold per player 1200 gold + (Please refer to the Rules and Regulation for more details about the addtional prize in Stage 2.)
1st Place in Stage 1 500 gold + (1st place in each group, 4 teams in total)
2nd Place in Stage 1 300 gold + (2nd place in each group, 4 teams in total )
3rd Place in Stage 1 100 gold + (3rd place in each group, 4 teams in total )

토너먼트 대진 방식

대진표를 생성하기에 팀이 너무 많습니다. /64

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대진표를 생성하기에 팀이 너무 많습니다. /32

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