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  • Light tanks

    Fast, dynamic, and nimble. Light tanks are the eyes of the battlefield, revealing the enemy. The perfect scouts and opportunistic hunters, they use their speed and mobility to avoid damage as they are very vulnerable.

  • Medium tanks

    A "jack of all trades", medium tanks have enough speed and agility to remain effective at mid-range, but their endurance, armor, and HP pool allow them to withstand some serious damage. Their main advantage is working in groups. A wolf pack of medium tanks is capable of sinking their teeth into any prey.

  • Heavy tanks

    Huge, heavily-armored, and boasting excellent firepower, heavy tanks can lead the charge to break through enemy lines and hold off advancing threats. Lead the charge, use your armor, and punch through with your high alpha damage gun.

  • Tank destroyers

    Long-range snipers that wait in ambush for their enemy. Tank destroyers punish enemy mistakes with their firepower, which is the highest in World of Tanks. Find an excellent position and lay waste to your enemies.

  • SPGS

    Support your team from afar with the highest caliber guns in the game. SPGs rain fire across the battlefield, utilising an RTS-style "bird's-eye view" to hit enemies no matter where they hide. Stun, disable, and destroy enemy tanks while helping your team achieve victory!


Featuring highly accurate guns with great armor penetration, German vehicles are the best suited for long-range combat and keeping the enemy at bay. Coupled with solid armor and higher hit points pool, these German machines lean toward a more defensive approach. However, their larger size and low mobility limits their ability to move quickly on the battlefield.

  • Germany


    Featuring highly accurate guns with great armor penetration, German vehicles are best suited for long-range combat. With solid armor and higher hit points, German machines lean toward a more defensive approach and reward patient, cautious, and decisive commanders.

  • U.S.S.R.


    Mastering the ranks of Soviet tanks is fairly easy as there are a few common traits in the tech tree: decent overall armor, a low silhouette, powerful guns, and a good top speed. All this makes Soviet vehicles a good choice for those who prefer close-to-mid-range combat and an aggressive playstyle. Great for new players!

  • U.S.A.


    American vehicles boast excellent view range, great gun depression (especially helpful when fighting on hilly terrain), and strong frontal armor. Uncle Sam’s machines are perfect for those who like to switch between various tactics and adapt to changing combat scenarios—be it attacking, defending, or laying ambushes.

  • France


    French vehicles start off slow but heavily armored before becoming fast yet poorly armored. However, this all pales in comparison to the French’s main feature—the autoloader, which allows for rapidly firing several shells one after the other for insane burst damage.

  • Great Britain

    Great Britain

    The British tank fleet is the "jack-of-all-trades". Their main feature is their guns, which have excellent depression angles, great accuracy, nice rate of fire, and good armor penetration. They start as slow but well-armored vehicles before evolving into decently mobile and well-armored tanks.

  • China


    China's armored vehicles borrow a lot from Soviet engineering and design, which makes their vehicles conceptually similar to those from the USSR. Going up the tech tree will put you in control of fast machines ideal for breaking through enemy lines. Boasting low silhouettes, sloped armor, and mighty guns, these tanks are a force to be reckoned with.

  • Japan


    Japanese tanks are like none other. Divided between two lines, one of super-heavy tanks with powerful guns and the thickest armor in the game and the other of mediums with poor armor but strong mobility and incredible, effective guns. Both lead to unique and fun playstyles.

  • Czechoslovakia


    Czechoslovakian tanks were influenced by a number of foreign designs over several time periods. There are vehicles of German and Soviet origin that stand side by side with homegrown concepts. Czechoslovakian tanks possess high firepower and can reach great top speeds, with the line ending in two incredible auto-loading medium tanks.

  • Sweden


    Swedish tanks are unique and like none other. The Swedish tree brings two different mechanics to the game: an autoloader with the best gun depression in the game for heavy tanks and the hydropneumatic suspension, which tilts their medium tanks and tank destroyers for insane levels of gun depression.

  • Poland


    The main distinctive features of Polish tanks start appearing in the middle of the branch. These are robust vehicles with good armor and speed, equipped with powerful guns. Polish vehicles resemble Soviet and Chinese tanks, but they bring even more damage to the table. Despite lacking speed, they can still confidently push through enemy defenses.

  • Italy


    The Italians have accurate, quick-firing guns, with the top three tanks carrying the “autoreloader”, an advanced version of the common autoloader. Equipped with it, vehicles can quickly fire several shells one after the other, but they don’t suffer from the long reload times found on other autoloaders.


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