World of Tanks battlefields burn with the blue flames of the Valkyria!

Your favourite vehicles from Valkyria Chronicles are now in World of Tanks!

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    {{news_item1_images->news_title}} Squad 7, assemble! Our next campaign is in World of Tanks!

    We’re being deployed to World of Tanks from 16 June to 03 July. Everyone, stick together and we’ll make it through!

  • Get the tanks here!
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    {{news_list->news_title}} Deploying to World of Tanks Console? Alright!

    The Nameless is deploying to World of Tanks Console from 23 June to 10 July! Let’s go earn some Credits!

  • Available in the WOT Console Store!
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    {{news_item3_images->news_title}} The Lupus has been spotted in World of Tanks Blitz!

    Intel says that this new tank can only be found in WOT Blitz from 16 June to 30 June. Get it while you can!

  • Available in the WOT Blitz Premium Shop