HK AU - Week #11 3v3 Tier VII
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[HK] [AU] Week #11 3v3 Tier VII

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  • AU Stage
    Day 1:


  • HK Stage
    Day 1:



  • 11 Confirmed teams
  • SE Tournament bracket
  • Gold Prize pool
  • HK, AU Server

Tournament details

  • Team format 3
  • Battle mode Attack/Defense
  • Vehicle tier VII
  • Allowed total tier 21
  • Additional information Minimal Requirements: To avoid the scenario of technical victory/defeats. Please follow these minimal requirements when the tournament lobby opens! (1) In-game Roster: At least 2 players (2) Total Tier: At least 14 Tier Points


Sand River


Place Reward
1st Place 1600 gold per player
2nd Place 800 gold per player
3rd/4th Place 600 gold per player
5th/8th Place 400 gold per player
9th/16th Place 200 gold per player

Confirmed teams

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  • Stage Structure:
  • Date Schedule:
  • Regulations:
  • Terms & Conditions
Stage Structure:

Stage Structure:

  • Single Elimination, Bo3
Date Schedule:

Date Schedule:

  • Friday, 20:00 UTC+8 (HK), 21:00 UTC+11 (AU)


  • Game Mode: Attack & Defense
  • Battle Time: 7 minutes (2 mins break)
  • Roster Limit: 3 players
  • Format: 3/21 (3x Tier 7)
Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

  • A minimum number of participating teams will be required in each tournament in order for prizes to be awarded, as follows.
    • 3rd – 4th place prizes: 8 teams
    • 5th – 8th place prizes: 16 teams
    • 9th – 16th place prizes: 32 teams
    Rewards will only be given to players who have participated in at least 1 battle during the tournament.
  • Captains MUST confirm their team's lineup to validate their registration; teams that have not confirmed their lineups by the end of the registration period will not be able to participate in the tournament or receive prizes.
  • Prizes will be credited within 2 weeks (10 working days) of the end of the tournament.
  • Wargaming Asia may choose to terminate the contest/event or change/reassign the prize at any time without notice.
  • In addition, Wargaming Asia reserves the right to disqualify players who do not comply with official Wargaming rules and tournament regulations, or those who seek to abuse the mechanics of the tournament.