Semipro - APAC League: Qualifiers
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[Semipro] APAC League: Qualifiers

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Welcome to the APAC League!  The first step on the road to competitive gaming stardom: register a team of 7 to join your local  Qualifiers , and compete to enter one of three  Major Leagues  – ANZ, JPN, or SEA. JPN Qualifiers participants will advance through an additional Minor League stage to qualify for the next League Season.


The schedule will be published after registration is finished.


  • 35 Confirmed teams
  • SE + RR Tournament bracket
  • APAC League slots Prize pool

Tournament details

  • Team format 7 + 5 in reserve
  • Battle mode Attack/Defense
  • Vehicle tier X
  • Allowed total tier 70
  • Additional information Minimal Requirements: To avoid the scenario of technical victory/defeats. Please follow these minimal requirements when the tournament lobby opens! (1) In-game Roster: At least 5 players (2) Total Tier: At least 50 Tier Points


Sand River


For teams that place high enough, all members, including those in reserve, will receive rewards.

Place Reward
1st-5thPlace (ANZ) Advances to ANZ Major League
1st-5thPlace (SEA) Advances to SEA Major League
1st-4thPlace (JPN) Advances to JPN MinorLeague

Confirmed teams

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  • Stage Structure:
  • Date Schedule:
  • Regulations:
Stage Structure:

Stage Structure:

  • Round Robin / Single Elimination, Bo3
Date Schedule:

Date Schedule:

  • Saturday 4/28, 14:00 (UTC+8)


  • Game Mode: Attack & Defense
  • Battle Time: 10 minutes (2 mins break)
  • Roster Limit: 7 players + 5 reserve (max 12 players)
  • Format: 7/70 (7x Tier 10)
  • All Asia server players physically residing in APAC are eligible to join their respective local leagues, as follows:
  • ANZ League: For players living in Australia/New Zealand only
  • JPN League: For players living in Japan only
  • SEA League: For players living in all APAC countries, excluding China, Japan, Australia/New Zealand, and the CIS region
  • IMPORTANT! Please note that each team may only consist of up to 3 players based in APAC countries that are not eligible for their chosen local leagues.