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Presenting Our First Ever Xtreme Tankers Champions!

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All our Xtreme Tankers have battled bravely over the past few weeks, but only the 2 best teams (1 from Asia, 1 from Korea) will proceed onward to the exclusive Silver Mavericks tournament at the end of this month, where they'll be fighting for 2 coveted spots in the Season II Gold Series. Competition will be pretty stiff – they'll be up against an illustrious selection of Gold, Silver and Bronze Series teams – so be sure to cheer them on in their quest to reach the top!

Final Rankings

Overall Ranking Team Name Total Points
1st SuperNoobs 900
2nd _BigDaddy_ 700
3rd SCARZ 580
4th Caramel PoP Corn 570
5th Queen of Arcadia 480
6th Diamond Tortoise 330
7th PENGUIN 320
8th T.Rex 300
Overall Ranking Team Name Total Points
1st PIFO 1000
2nd S_EDU 520
3rd TLTB 420
4th Goodday 170
5th 바다남이다 100
6th 14:00 11th Sept. 70


Congratulations to all who participated – you've done yourselves proud!