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WTKL Aftermath: Congratulations to Our winners of Guess the Winning Team Contest

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Tank Commanders!

Everyone involved made the World of Tanks Korean League really fantastic. We hope you enjoyed it! And now for the results of those who participated in guessing the winning team. Two lucky tankers from each region who voted for ARETE will receive the rare and fearsome Type 59!

Drumroll, please...

RegionWoT Nickname
RU Guldan
RU PaRigeL
ASIA siriponza001
EU Foinix_2104
EU Phoenix_GR
NA Capricorn_GR
 NA  Phoenix1967
KR KnightTiger

Once again, CONGRATULATIONS to the winning team, ARETE, and runner-up, NOA. It was a great battle. We salute both teams for great team spirit and sportsmanship. Thanks for the amazing show!

Watch the WTKL finals here.