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World of Tanks Tournament Series II 2012 (PH)

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Attention PH Tank Commanders!

We hope you had enjoyed the series of tournaments held across the Philippines during the PH Tournament Series 2012. If you thought that that would be the last you would hear from us then you're in for a surprise. Things are not about to wind down yet for we are going to run another leg of the tournament series later this month on 17 November! If that's not good news enough, then how about we up the ante by adding in more fun battles and even better prizes?

Choose from one of the following tournament venues and sign up at the venue on the tournament day itself to take part!

Roll out!


World of Tanks Tournament Series II 2012 (PH)

Date: 17 November, 2012 (Saturday)

Registration: 11:00hrs UTC+8 (03:00 UTC)

Tournament: 13:00hrs UTC+8 onwards (05:00 UTC)


Metro Manila

Baguio City 

Cebu City 

Bacolod City 

Davao City 

  • Gamerzfield, Ground Floor, Door 2, Lupe Building, Rizal St., Davao City (beside Union Bank, across Iron Horse Restaurant)



  • Player will use their own accounts and must have at least 1 day premium to join the tournament.
  • 7 x 7 battle, single match-up for eliminations and best of 3 for Finals.
  • Maximum total of 42 Tier Points for each team and maximum Tier 8 for all tanks. (Example: 5-tanks Tier 8 + 2-tanks Tier 1 = 42 Tier Points)
  • Encounter Battle Maps
  • Register at the venue on the day of the Tournament for FREE.
  • All registered players will be included in the raffle of 20 winners 1,000 Gold in every tournament venue.


  • 1st Place -  5,000 + WoT shirt (each member of the winning team)
  • 2nd Place - 3,000
  • 3rd Place -   2,000
  • Special Event: Premium Tank Royal Rumble -   6,000to the last man standing


  • First Place winners will represent their city in the upcoming PH Online National Tournament in December.
  • There will also be a fun event, Premium Tank Royal Rumble. This special battle is open to the first 28 registrants who have Premium Tanks and will battle it out until only one tank remains. No tier limit for Premium Tanks and only 1 winner per venue. Prizes for this event is 6,000 gold for the last remaining tank.
  • All registered participants will receive 250 Gold for having at least 1 day premium account.