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WGL Silver Series Week 6: Tournament Recaps

Tank Commanders,

There are still chances for the teams at the bottom ranks to have a shot at the Gold series. In this week, if team NUMB, from Australia and New Zealand, can score 3rd place or higher, they will be able to get into the Gold Series for the last week. Will they be able to do that?

Let's find out in this week's recap.


Round of 4, first matchup: U Are Dead 3:2 IMMORTALS

Round of 4: Match 1

In the first match of Ro4, it is team UAD from Hong Kong against the IMMORTALS from Vietnam. In the first map, Mines, the IMMORTALS took the chance of UAD making a mistake while pushing, and did a counter attack and smoothly dismantled their opponent. In the second map, Cliff, they defeated their opponent again. But after the 2nd map, UAD started the turnaround – they defended IMMORTALS’ attack on Ensk, and then captured their base on Himmelsdorf, and finally defeated the IMMORTALS on Prokhorovka, proving their opponents to be mortal.

Match 1 Winner

U Are Dead  3:2 IMMORTALS


Round of 4, 2nd matchup: PVP Super Friends 4:3 NUMB

Round of 4: Match 2

Here's a team we have not seen for awhile. PVP was up against team NUMB from the southern hemisphere. In the first round, Mines, NUMB defeated PVP little by little, winning small victories in each engagement and finally took the game. In the second map, Ruinberg, NUMB successfully captured PVP’s base and took the second map as well. But PVP is a team that could not be taken easily - they took the following two maps - Cliff and Himmelsdorf, to tie the game, and brought the matchup to the fifth round. In the fifth round, both teams were not able to defeat their opponent and went into a draw, so a tie breaker was played. NUMB had the more damage dealt in the previous 5 rounds so they had the advantage to pick the side and the map of the tie breaker, and they chose Sand River, playing defense. PVP used their experience on playing this map successfully, defeating NUMB and winning the matchup with breathtaking style 4:3.

Match 2 Winner

PVP Super Friends 4:3 NUMB



3rd place match: IMMORTALS 2:3 NUMB

3rd Placing

In the first round, Mines, NUMB took out the Vietnam team and took a 1:0 lead. In the second map, Ruinberg, they got a draw and took the score to 2:1. Although NUMB got the match point, the IMMORTALS captured NUMB’s base on Himmelsdorf and tied the match to 2:2. In the 4th map, Ensk, NUMB did some good coordination and tore apart IMMORTALS' defence, thus winning the matchup. With this, NUMB was qualified to enter the Gold Series at the last moment.

3rd Place Winner



1st place match: U Are Dead 3:1 PVP Super Friends

1st Place

The champion match was played by PVP Super Friends and U Are Dead. These two teams have already taken their place in the Gold series and their results would not affect their ranking. But it was still a great battle to behold, watching two great teams fight it out. In the first map, Steppes, PVP Super Friends did a false attack and got eliminated by UAD. But in the second map, Ruinberg, PVP Super Friends fought back and tied the score 1:1. In the third match, Mines, PVP Super Friends failed their attack and got defeated. In the 4th map, Himmelsdorf, U Are Dead defended PVP’s attack again and won the series 3:1. U Are Dead won the champion title of the last week of the Silver Series.

1st Place Winner

U Are Dead 3:1 PVP Super Friends


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