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WGL Silver Series Week 3: Tournament Recaps

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Tank Commanders,

Week 3's battles were nothing short of refreshing! In a quick update, PVP Super Friends, the champion of the previous two WGL Asia tournaments didn't make it to the Silver Series this week - which gives T-E and the Immortals a chance to fight for the lead. Can PVP catch up? That will be another story to tell.

Let's find out how our week 3 champs fared in battle!


Round of 4, first matchup: Immortal_Flappybirds 1:3 Immortals

Round of 4: Match 1

The first matchup is a civil war for the Immortal clan - the Immortals against their B team! Although the Flappybirds were not part of the main team, they were not to be taken lightly. In the first map, Ensk, both teams got into heavy fire immediately, and the Immortals won - probably due to more experienced play in a tournament setting. But the Flappybirds got their revenge in Mines, the second map. They successfully defended and scored a 1:1 matchup. Unfortunately, that was as far as their skills and Lady Luck would take them against the Immortals. The next two maps in Himmelsdorf and Prokhorovka were claimed by the Immortals, allowing the main team to advance to the 1st place match in Week 3.

Match 1 Winner

Immortal_Flappybirds  1:3 IMMORTALS


Round of 4, 2nd matchup: U Are Dead 2:3 T-E

Round of 4: Match 2

Old time rivals faced off in the second match. The contenders got Mines for their first map and T-E gave UAD a stunner - eliminating UAD and winning the first map. But UAD took the second map in Ensk and tied the score to 1:1. The 3rd map, Ruinberg, went to UAD, but the 4th map, Cliff, went to T-E, breaking UAD's match point. In the final round, UAD tried to attack boldly, but T-E had a great defence. Upon finding a chance to counter-attack their opponent, they won the match, defeating UAD 3:2.

Match 2 Winner

U Are Dead 2:3 T-E



3rd place match: Immortal_Flappybirds 3:0 U Are Dead

3rd Placing

In the 3rd place match, the Immortal_Flappybirds faced U Are Dead, a battle between an aggressive team and a defensive team. But it seems that UAD was not in their best shape and got three-Oed by the Flappybirds in Ensk, Steppes, and Ruinberg. So the 3rd place went to Immortal_Flappybirds, and UAD landed themselves 4th place in week 3.

3rd Place Winner

Immortal_Flappybirds 3:0 U Are Dead


1st place match: T-E 1:3 Immortals

1st Place

It's T-E vs Immortals again - vying for first place. Last week, T-E's captain, Comix, was not able to participate due to connectivity issues, and the Immortals took the matchup to 3:1. But with their captain back, T-E was ready to avenge their loss! In the first two rounds, T-E won the urban warfare in Himmelsdorf and Ensk, getting them a 2:0 lead. In the third round, Ruinberg, the Immortals successfully defended T-E’s match point. But in the 4th round, T-E said "Good night" to the Immortals and eliminated them to win the final match - achieving their sweet revenge. In week 3, T-E won the championship and received 250 points, allowing them to stand out in the points ranking with 540 points.

1st Place Winner



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