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WGL Silver Series Week 1: Tournament Recaps

Tank Commanders,

This is the first time a World of Tanks competition in Asia leads to the global championships. The same rules of the global championships applied to our contenders who battled it out in Week 1 of the WGL Silver Series.

Let's find out what happened in the following recap.

Round of 4, 1st Match: yoe Flash Wolves VS U Are Dead

Round of 4: Match 1

For the first matchup, we've got contenders from Taiwan and Hong Kong! From Taiwan, we have yoe Flash Wolves; and from Hong Kong, we've got “U are Dead (UAD)”!

At the start, both teams played very conservatively in Ruinberg. Both teams didn't see much action and finished with a draw. Due to the draw rule this season, both teams received 1 point.

In the second map, Ensk, yoe Flash Wolves had an advantage at first due to the bad positioning of their opponent’s AMX 50 100, but they couldn’t maintain this advantage and chose a bad route to attack and got eliminated by their opponent instead.

After their 2:1 checkmate, yoe Flash Wolves went aggressive in the third map - Himmelsdorf. But UAD were expecting them and cleverly sent 2 T1s to capture the Flash Wolves’ base while the whole army of yoe Flash Wolves were detained by UAD at UAD’s base. With 2 T1s lost, the Flash Wolves weren’t able to rescue their base in time and got defeated by UAD.

With their victory, UAD got their ticket to fight for first place in Week 1!

Match 1 Winner

yoe Flash Wolves  1:3 U Are Dead


Round of 4, 2nd matchup: PVP Super Friends VS T-E

Round of 4: Match 2

The 2nd matchup is composed of two strong crowd favourites - PVP Super Friends and Team Efficiency. PVP Super Friends were seeking for their 3rd consecutive championship title in Asia while T-E, a team made by many nationalities, is renowned for being the best team in Australia.

In the first map, Steppes, PVP initiated a strong attack, but they got eliminated by T-E due to poor coordination.

They got Himmelsdorf for their second map and T-E initiated the attack instead. Although the attack was ferocious, there wasn't enough time for them to finish off PVP. Both teams received 1 point for the draw.

PVP attacked first in the 3rd map, Cliff. Due to the draw rule, a draw in this round would result in T-E's favour. Unfortunately, the assault wasn’t coordinated well enough, and all tanks were eliminated by T-E.

Match 2 Winner

PVP Super Friends 1:3 T-E


3rd place match, PVP Super Friends VS yoe Flash Wolves

3rd Placing

The first match started on Himmelsdorf and PVP Super Friends executing a quick strike. However, the Flash wolves fought with strategy; although the Flash Wolves couldn’t win the muscle fight against PVP, they sneaked 2 T1s to capture PVP’s base and delayed PVP’s main army long enough to complete the capture.

In the second map, Ruinberg, the Flash Wolves decided to rush their opponent, and PVP didn’t expect the incoming attack at all. They lost this map completely to the Flash Wolves.

Although PVP lost in the previous round, they're no pushovers! In the 3rd map, Ensk, PVP launched a swift attack and took their revenge, defeating the Flash Wolves, bringing the score to 2:1.

In the 4th map, Cliff, both team played a spectacular game! PVP once again launched a full attack on the Flash Wolves; this put the Flash Wolves under extreme stress. But the clever Wolves once again turned the whole game around with their craftiness. Although they lost the muscle fight once again, the Flash Wolves tried to capture PVP's base with one T1, however, PVP did have enough time to defend their base. With this knowledge, the T1, retreated after capturing at 80% and tried to go for a draw - which was only 1 minute away. Unable to find the remaining T1, the game was forced into the draw that yoe Flash Wolves had intended.

3rd Place Winner

yoe Flash Wolves 3:2 PVP Super Friends


1st place match, T-E VS U Are Dead

1st Place

The first map of the championship was at Himmelsdorf. T-E did a ferocious attack, but did not have enough time to eliminate all enemy tanks. The first match resulted in a draw.

In map 2, Cliff, UAD rushed their opponent through line 1, and captured the base with extreme speed; T-E wasn’t able to react in time and lost the base.

With no turning back, T-E had to win the 3rd map on Ensk and that was exactly what they did, tying the matchup to 2:2.

In the final map, Mines, UAD used their surprising strategies again and captured the enemy base defeating Team Efficiency 3:2. With this victory, UAD won the championship of week 1 and gained 250 points in the Silver series!

1st Place Winner

U Are Dead 3:2 T-E


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