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WGL S2 Finals Team Interview: ELONG

Tank Commanders,

After the dust of WGL Season 2 settled, ELONG packed their bags for home. But not before sharing with us their experiences of being part of a high-flying eSports team. ELONG.Kai represented the team for the interview and told us what it was like for the team to be practicing tactics, what they felt about the host country of the WGL Season 2 Finals, and about their competitor, Arete.





WG: How did the team come about? And how did you get the team name ELONG?

ELONG.KAI: We gathered together as a team of World of Tanks players carrying the dream of being world champions. When our team formed, we decided to call it ELONG.


WG: This is your first time to Korea, how you feel about this eSports country?

ELONG.KAI: Yes. It's everyone's first time here in Korea. I can only describe this trip as unique. Personally, I feel very lucky to be able to participate even though we (very unfortunately) did not win the final championship. As for the tournament, every detail was very well taken care of.


WG: You’ve met Arete in Kubinka and WCA, and maybe some of you met them in the Grand Finals, but do you think they have any advantages in Korea?

ELONG.KAI: We are not only competitors in game but also friends in real life. Every time when we face them during tournaments, we find that their attitude and skill level is very impressive. It’s a great honour to be an opponent of such a great team, so we have to keep training, leveling up our skills in preparation of our next “reunion”.


WG: How do you feel about the tournament being held in Korea?

ELONG.KAI: Korea is an eSports haven indeed.


WG: What's your suggestion for good players in ASIA who want to join or create a team?

ELONG.KAI: We’re getting older and the dream is flying away. If you have any passion and interest in eSports, just join us.


WG: What's your favorite tactic? And how did you practice it?

ELONG.KAI: We prefer aggressive tactics because we know the audience loves to see more combat scenes rather than waiting. We will practice over a thousand times just to make every single detail perfect.


WG: Are you happy with your performance overall? Or are there any areas that you feel you could have done better?

ELONG.KAI: Every member of our team dedicated themselves to this game and made us proud and comforted. The only thing we are not satisfied about is our ranking. We had only one goal and it’s called the championship title. We’ll keep fighting for this dream.


WG: Is there anything you wish to say to your opponents whom you will be facing in the Season 3 Gold Series?

ELONG.KAI: Let’s do our best for the S3 play-offs!


WG: Anything else you want to say to the fans?

ELONG.KAI: We deeply appreciate the people who are supporting us. ELONG will do better in the future, and we’ll fight for the world champion title for all Asia players.