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WGL Portal Guide to participating in tournaments

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Tank Commanders!

Have you visited our new WGleague website yet? It's created specially to house all eSports related news, tournament info and other details in one place, but what it really excels at is the ability to monitor or even join tournaments with just a few simple clicks.

Here's an example: Suppose you're looking to join WGL APAC-Asia Season 2, which is currently in progress. You've seen the results of the teams that have made it so far, and you're finally going to join in and see how you fare. Great! But how do you create a team and participate?

One option is to just visit the website and find your way around. But why do that if you can follow a step-by-step guide instead? In fact, you can read that guide right now.

Hope to see you in a tournament soon! Let's Battle!


Read the WGL Portal Guide here