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WGL Gold Series Day 1-2: Tournament Recaps

Tank Commanders,

Wargaming.Net League APAC-ASIA, the highest level of play in Asia server, has entered into the Gold Series. The top 8 teams in the Silver series will be fighting for the 2 tickets to Korea to prove themselves to be Asia’s best. Who will fight their way through the tournament?

Let's find out in these recaps.

Day 1

Ro8 Match 1: T-E 3:0 I.L.M.O.B.

Round of 8: Match 1

In the first match of the round of 8, T-E, the team who is ranked No.1 in the Silvers, played against I.L.M.O.B., the team that scraped through to the Gold series by the skin of their teeth. As expected of the first place team, they breezed through their matches against the 8th place team I.L.M.O.B. on Himmelsdorf, Ensk and Mines, and won the matchup 3:0.

Match 1 Winner

T-E  3:0 I.L.M.O.B.


Ro8 Match 2: yoe Flash Wolves 0:3 PVP Super Friends

Round of 8: Match 2

In the second match of the round of 8, two traditionally strong teams, the yoe Flash Wolves and PVP Super Friends faced off against each other. Although PVP Super Friends weren’t doing very well in the Silvers, they delivered a great performance during the play-offs to clinch victory against yoe Flash Wolves with a score of 3:0 on Ensk, Prokhorovka, and Steppes.

Match 2 Winner

yoe Flash Wolves 0:3 PVP Super Friends



Ro8 Match 3: IMMORTALS 3:2 One Blood

Round of 8: Match 3

The 3rd match of the round of 8 was played by IMMORTALS and One Blood. In the first map, Mines, IMMORTALS controlled the central high ground, thus expanding their advantage to win game 1. In the second map, Prokhorovka, both teams played defensively which resulted in a draw. In the 3rd map, Ensk, the Vietnam team had an upper advantage at first but could not hold on to it and let One Blood take the map. Both teams tied at 2:2. In the crucial 4th map, Cliff, the same scenario replayed itself again, but this time it was One Blood who couldn’t hold on to the advantage, and IMMORTALS won the matchup 3:2.

Match 3 Winner

IMMORTALS 3:2 One Blood


Ro8 Match 4: U Are Dead 2:3 NUMB

Round of 8: Match 4

In the last match, UAD vs NUMB, both teams fought ferociously. In the first round, Mines, UAD tried to use a new strategy to surprise their opponent but it was in vain. Their gamble didn't pay off and they got off to a rough start with a 0:1 deficit. In the second round, although there was a furious battle, there was not sufficient time for both sides to finish their opponent off, resulting in a tie which gave NUMB a 2:1 advantage. In the third match, Himmelsdorf, UAD initiated an attack and eliminated NUMB to tie the series 2:2. During the crucial tie-breaker game on Cliff, UAD initiated an assault again, but NUMB successfully defended to win the game and advance to the round of 4 on Sunday.

Match 4 Winner

U Are Dead 2:3 NUMB


Day 2

Ro4 Match 1: One Blood 0:3 NUMB

Round of 4: Match 1

Due to the violation of the Battle rules, IMMORTALS was disqualified for WGL S1, so One Blood will be replacing the IMMORTALS in the round of 4. In this match, NUMB swept One Blood in a clean fashion on Cliff, Himmelsdorf, and Mines to advance to the winners brackets.

Match 1 Winner

One Blood  0:3 NUMB


Ro4 Match 2: T-E 3:2 PVP Super Friends

Round of 4: Match 2

Old school meets old school in the 2nd match of the round of 4, with T-E going up against PVP Super Friends. In the first map, Cliff, although T-E initiated an attack at the last moment, they couldn’t finish off their opponent within the time limit, and the game went into a tie. In the second map, Ensk, PVP took advantage of their superior individual game play and turned the second game around leading the score 2:1. In the 3rd map, Himmelsdorf, T-E started an assault and eliminated their enemy successfully, tying the game 2:2. In the last match on Steppes, T-E started another attack and destroyed PVP’s defense, enabling them to advance to the winner’s bracket.

Match 2 Winner

T-E 3:2 PVP Super Friends



Loser’s Bracket: One Blood 0:3 PVP Super Friends

Loser's Bracket

In the loser’s bracket, PVP Super Friends showed their opponent why they are a team not to be trifled with and swiftly defeated One Blood 3:0 on Prokhorovka, Ensk, and Mines to advance to the final match.

Winner of Loser's Bracket

One Blood 0:3 PVP Super Friends


Winner’s Bracket: T-E 3:2 NUMB

Winner's Bracket

In the winner’s bracket, it is T-E against NUMB. In the first 2 rounds, Mines and Cliff, both teams exchanged fire during the last moments but neither of them could eliminate their opponent nor capture the base in time. Due to this, both teams earned 2 points in the first 2 rounds and tied at 2:2. In the crucial 3rd map, Ensk, T-E initiated a beautiful attack and won the series, giving them the chance to play against the top Korean team at the season finals.

Winner of Winner's Bracket

T-E 3:2 NUMB


Final Match: NUMB 1:3 PVP Super Friends

Final Match

It takes more than luck to get that last ticket to Korea and this match shows you why. In the first map, Cliff, NUMB did a successful rush to eliminate PVP Super Friends and won the first game. In the second map, Mines, PVP Super Friends returned the favour and surprised their opponent with a rush. They successfully captured the base to win the second fight. In the third map, Ensk, PVP Super Friends initiated another attack and defeated NUMB in this map. In the final map, Himmelsdorf, NUMB decided to change their strategy and launched an offensive attack. Having won the ticket to Korea, PVP Super Friends is in the position for another shot at the season champion again.

Winner of Final Match

NUMB 1:3 PVP Super Friends


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