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WGL APAC-Asia S2: Players Choice Winners Announcement

Tank Commanders,

You voted for your tournament heroes for the WGL APAC-Asia Players Choice Awards! The bravest, most righteous, and keen-eyed of all have emerged. Find out who below:


The Award Winners


Show no fear! Which player makes the craziest plays and is the most fearless of the lot?

Winner: Batman of PVP Super Friends

Brothers in Arms

Leave no man behind! Which player do you think you can count on the most in battle?

Winner: Batman of PVP Super Friends


You can run, but you can't hide. Which eagle-eye player has the most accurate shot?

Winner: Tanaka6149 of Team Efficiency


The Prize Winners

Here are the voters who will be receiving exclusive premiums!

  • Spartan: GeneralGrant
  • Brothers in Arms: shinpierce
  • Sharpshooter: SgtPanda