Champion of the WGL APAC Extended Season 2017 Finals!

Over the weekend, APAC’s mightiest clashed in a powerful display of tank prowess and supreme skill at the WGL APAC Extended Season 2017 Finals. Shots were fired and tensions ran high between our top teams, but only one could claim the champion's throne, and the top prize of 50,000 USD

YaTo RSGaming

CHAMPION League APAC Extended Season 2017 Finals

Match Results

Semi-Finals #1


EL Gaming

0 : 7

Team Efficiency

Semi-Finals #2

YaTo RSGaming

7 : 4

Seven Pirates 

Final Match

Team Efficiency

2 : 7

YaTo RSGaming


What’s the next step for our champions, you may ask? Our top 2 teams, YaTo RSGaming and Team Efficiency, will be heading to Moscow to participate in the upcoming Final Battle, where they will challenge the greatest warriors from Europe, North America, and the CIS for global supremacy. Congratulations to both our new regional representatives! It’s sure to be a tough fight with so many elite challengers gathered together, so let’s cheer them on!

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