Get Ready For The WGL APAC Extended Season 2017 Finals!

One of the most thrilling Seasons in the WGL APAC thus far has just come to an end. All that remains now is to determine which of our top teams will be journeying to Moscow for the Final Battle in December, where they will clash with the other regions’ champions in pursuit of an APAC victory.

Who will be up to the challenge? Be sure to catch the WGL APAC Extended Season 2017 Finals on 12 November and cheer your favourite teams on!

Plus, lots of gold, Premium time, and EXP boosters will be up for grabs during the show, so you’ll want to pay close attention to our commentators to find out how to win. Don’t miss out!

Match Schedule

12 NovembER 2017, Sunday

Semi-Finals #1
09:00 UTC +8

EL Gaming
Team Efficiency
Semi-Finals #2
12:30 UTC +8

YaTo RSGaming

Seven Pirates
Grand Finals
16:00 UTC +8

Winner of Semi-Finals #1

Winner of Semi-Finals #2

Live Broadcast

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