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Gold Series Team Interview: Team Efficiency

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Team Efficiency

Team Efficiency was formed pretty much by chance – just a group of really good players from all across Asia, answering a common call to arms. The same holds true for the current team, which has persisted through several roster changes, and against the odds, continues to learn and grow as one. But will they be able to reprise their former glory by reinforcing that deep camaraderie they once shared? Only time will tell!

WG: How does it feel to be back in the Gold Series? What are your goals for the tournament this season?

deksta: Goals remain the same as in all seasons past – try to make the playoffs for our chance of making it to the Season Finals again!

WG: Which teams are you most looking forward to facing in the Gold Series? Why?

deksta: EL Gaming are always great to play against – their skill and ability to execute their strats are absolutely phenomenal. We always learn a lot, even when we are on the receiving end of the onslaught. Each Season the competition gets fiercer, so we take every match seriously. We are happy to see that our good friends and long-standing rivals PVP Super Friends are back in the Gold Series! We have had some classic matches against PVPSF over the past few years!

WG: What are some of your team’s best achievements in WoT eSports?

deksta: Hard to pick a single best achievement, as the team has managed to be runners-up multiple times in various WGL APAC Season Finals. Most recently when we went to Korea at the end of Season 1 last year, however, we lost the Final match to Arete [later known as KONGDOO, and now GOLD BASS].

WG: What do you like best about the new Tier X format?

deksta: The switch to Tier X has been quite hard for a number of the long-standing Team Efficiency members, as a number of us had more or less completely stopped playing any tier other than Tier 8 for the past 2+ years. Hopefully all our new team members who are frequent players of clan wars and public games can help us overcome this barrier. The meta has already shifted to what seems to be currently favouring a heavier meta. Even on open maps we are seeing what traditionally would be fast and mobile tanks being replaced with heavies due to the armour and HP characteristics of the Tier 10 tanks.

WG: Where do you see yourselves as a team in the next couple of years? What do you hope to accomplish together?

deksta: It's hard to look more than a season or 2 ahead; it all really hinges on us managing to stay in the top leagues of WGL APAC-ASIA. Also we will hopefully manage to keep a core of 8-9 players, which will allow us to continue to work on our cohesion. The past 2-3 Seasons we have been losing on average 4-5 players by the end of a Season and constantly having to refresh the squad, which resulted in instability, as we are bringing in players who haven't played with us before, and tournaments are very different from any other form of the game. If we can stabilize our roster then we should be able to compete for Season Finals places once again.