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Gold Series Team Interview: SuperNoobs

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It may only be the SuperNoobs’ first time in the Gold Series, but contrary to their team name, these hungry new Vietnamese upstarts clearly have some serious skills under their belts. In the span of just one Season, they’ve sky-rocketed from relative obscurity and humble beginnings playing to earn Premium time, to become the team everyone – including their opponents – has got their eyes on. Definitely one to watch!

WG: Tell us a bit about your team’s background.

SN_Ironhide: SuperNoobs was created by me – SN_Ironhide.

It was one year ago – some of my friends and I didn’t have enough gold to buy Premium, and at that time, the WGL Season had just begun, so I decided to create a team in the Bronze Series to earn some.

The first team we met there was VG - ViCi Gaming, and they beat us 5:0 on Cliff.

After that, I spent some time thinking about why we lost, because all my members have good stats – why did we lose against a team with lower stats?

Thus I decided to reorganize my team, find stronger teams and challenge them, learn more about strategy, and improve my personal skills to participate in the WGL.

WG: How does it feel to finally be in the Gold Series? What are your goals for the tournament this season?

SN_Ironhide: We’re very excited, because we can finally challenge the strongest teams in the Asia server.

We’ll do anything we can to get the highest placing in the Gold Series, but there’s still EL Gaming, Caren Tiger, B-Gaming, Horsemen and some other teams, and we know that we won’t easily get past them.

Maybe our goal for this Season is to get a place in the WGL APAC Season Finals.

WG: What are some of your team’s best achievements in WoT eSports?

SN_Ironhide: We haven’t got any achievements yet, but we’ve had a few wins in the Go4WoT Asia Cup.

WG: Do you place more emphasis on developing individual skill or team strategies in your training? Why?

SN_Ironhide: We must focus on both, because in eSports, good strategies can lead you to victory, and the good individual skills of each member can bring us to triumph as well.

WG: How would you describe your team’s play style?

SN_Ironhide: Fast but careful, taking control of the map and planning the best way to play.