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Gold Series Team Interview: Immortals

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The Vietnam-based Immortals really made a strong showing in last Season’s Gold Series, surprising many of their more established opponents with their combat prowess and cementing their rightful place among the server’s top tanking talent. Now they’re back and all revved up, ready to fight their way to the top once again – here’s what team captain Ningyo had to say.

WG: Tell us a bit about your team’s background.

Ningyo: When WoT first came to Vietnam, we didn't know each other. We were just playing as casual players in a cyber cafe at the time. Then an offline tournament was started by VTC (a distributor) in Vietnam. We joined it, and have since kept the team going up till now. We don't have any sponsors – I named the team "Immortals", and kittan leads the fight in tournaments.

We [like competitive play] because the tournaments are good, but the prizes are even better. I think that in WoT, the most fun and realistic combat [is found in tournaments rather than in] Random Battles.

WG: Which teams are you most looking forward to facing in the Gold Series? Why?

Ningyo: ELONG [now known as EL Gaming] and ARETE [recently named KONGDOO; now called GOLD BASS]. I think they are the best teams in the Asia and Korea servers. But we did beat ARETE once at WCG 2013; now that they’ve gotten stronger, we'd love to see them again on stage.

WG: What are some of your team’s best achievements in WoT eSports?

Ningyo: 1st place in WCG 2013 in Vietnam. Maybe also 1st and 2nd place in a few 3v3 casual tournaments.

WG: What do you like best about the new Tier X format?

Ningyo: The best thing is that we can play Tier X now! The big guns from Tier X will make the game more thrilling. The view range from a medium Tier X is longer, and with the new update, teams will be able to see each other more easily, possibly resulting in faster engagements.

WG: Where do you see yourselves as a team in the next couple of years? What do you hope to accomplish together?

Ningyo: We don’t know if we’ll still be joining tournaments in the next couple of years, but we hope to continue playing together in WoT, with or without tournaments.