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Gold Series Team Interview: Horsemen

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Back in the saddle for Season II of the WGL APAC-ASIA tournament, the Horsemen are already chomping at the bit to make their mark on the WoT tournament circuit. With new systems and goals in place, the ever-popular Taiwanese team looks set to further groom its stable of eSports stars, and, as team captain FuLuSo declares, to perhaps finally go professional. Read on to learn more!

WG: Could you give a brief introduction of the current members of your team?

FuLuSo: The core players are still in Horsemen; we haven’t made any big changes this season. But one of our Hong Kong members, Bloodyhorse, has left, and yet another Hong Konger, RavenK, has joined us this season. And luckily we have a new member, DarkDHMaster, who knows Tier X tanks well.

WG: What are your goals for the tournament this season?

FuLuSo: Our best record is third place in 2014 WGL APAC S3, and we are not satisfied with it. This season, we’ll do our best to pursue a place in The Grand Finals 2016.

WG: Which teams are you most looking forward to facing in the Gold Series? Why?

FuLuSo: EL Gaming is still a strong team in the Tier X format, but we also expect a lot of competition from PVP Super Friends on the battle field. PVPSF is our old friend. Even though we are ‘enemies’ in the tournament, we are really glad to see them come back to WoT eSports.

WG: What do you like best about the new Tier X format?

FuLuSo: Tier X format is almost completely different from Tier VIII. The most interesting thing is the tank picking – choices could become more diverse. Teams have many options in finding their best line-up. But the battle tempo is slowing down. And map balance needs to be regulated again.

WG: Where do you see yourselves as a team in the next couple of years? What do you hope to accomplish together?

FuLuSo: Horsemen is a semi-professional eSports team now. First, we need to get a good and stable ranking in WGL APAC, so that we might find a sponsor to become a professional team. But before we can do that, we need new players who speak Chinese to join. We have a complete management system for them now.