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Gold Series Team Interview: EL Gaming

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EL Gaming

The new Tier X Format notwithstanding, this Season has seen China-based EL Gaming waste no time in taking – and maintaining – a comfortable lead in the Gold Series race. We’d expect no less from a pro team that has won both the recent Season Finals and international tournament The Pacific Rumble. But as always, team captain FOXTS already has his sights on the next title – the world championship! Can they achieve their dream?

WG: How does it feel to be back in the Gold Series? What are your goals for the tournament this season?

FOXTS: It feels great! Of course, we hope to be the champion.

WG: Which team(s) are you most looking forward to facing in the Gold Series? Why?

FOXTS: SuperNoobs. They have just advanced from the Silver Series, so we should be at an advantage.

WG: What are some of your team’s best achievements in WoT eSports?

FOXTS: Second place at The Grand Finals [earlier this year].

WG: What do you like best about the new Tier X format?

FOXTS: The current meta allows for more diverse strategies, which makes us want to play and experiment more.

WG: Where do you see yourselves as a team in the next couple of years? What do you hope to accomplish together?

FOXTS: Our dream is to become world champion.