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Gold Series Team Interview: B-Gaming

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Japanese tankers B-Gaming have always declared that they “spend a lot of time on World of Tanks”, and that investment has clearly paid off. They’re now in the Gold Series for a second season, and it seems they’ve got unfinished business with fellow Japanese team Caren Tiger. Which team will emerge triumphant in this clash of countrymen? We’ll just have to wait and see!

WG: Could you give a brief introduction of the current members of your team?

BG: Our team, B-Gaming, changes members with high frequency – actually, 3 members left and 2 new members joined between last season and this season.

However, we are okay with that. New members always bring a breath of fresh air to the team, and we can change it into POWER.

We have our best line-up at all times.

WG: Which teams are you most looking forward to facing in the Gold Series? Why?

BG: Caren Tiger. Because they are a Japanese team, like us.

And we’ve always lost to them in the important matches, such as the WGL Top 4 Playoffs and Pacific Rumble Wild Card.

So this time, we want to win.

WG: What are some of your team’s best achievements in WoT eSports?

BG: Our team's best achievement is taking the third place in WGL APAC-ASIA Season 1.

We will continue to fight to enhance this achievement.

WG: What do you like best about the new Tier X format?

BG: We can use a bigger variety of tanks now, not just Tier 8! And as the rules have changed to allow playing only once on Attack and once on Defense per map, it means that choice of tank class is now more significant in determining the outcome of the battle. So the meta has become more aggressive, I think.

WG: Where do you see yourselves as a team in the next couple of years? What do you hope to accomplish together?

BG: We see ourselves as a motivation to fellow tankers and the Japanese eSports scene. We would like to make eSports popular in Japan, and we hope we’ll climb up to the TOP at the WGL Season Finals.