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WGL APAC-Asia Season 3: Coming Soon!

Tank Commanders!

Welcome to WGL APAC-Asia's Season 3. The third season of Asia's biggest World of Tanks tournament is about to begin, and will be held over the course of several months as teams battles each other in three seperate categories (Bronze, Silver and Gold) for dominance.

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About the Tournament

Already on its third season, the WGL APAC-Asia tournament invites all World of Tanks players in the region to participate and prove their skills in the heat of battle.

Winners at the end of the tournament for the Bronze Series will have the chance to be 'promoted' to Silver, while the top teams already in the Silver Series can battle to gain entry to the Gold Series. Last but not least, the best performing team in the Gold Series is able to advance to the finals, where they have a chance to become champion of this season.

With a total prize pool of USD 100,000 for winning teams, the pressure is on to fight well and win! The question is: how far can you go?

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Team Roster (Silver & Gold series)

These teams have earned the right to call themselves veterans, due to their participation in Season 2 of the tournament. Their skill and tenacity have allowed them to be seeded directly into the Silver and Gold series for this season - who among them will become the champion this time around?

Silver Series

Team Name Logo
Pacific Rim Gaming
PVP Missionary


Gold Series

Team Name Logo
Charlotte Tiger
PVP Super Friends
The Coalition - Singapore

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League Structure

Not too long ago, we did a revamp of the Team Battle mode that changed several features and rules. As these changes are now in effect for all World of Tanks tournaments, teams competing in WGL APAC-Asia S3 will also be required to take them into consideration.

Here are some infographics that will help to explain the changes to the matches and overal league structure in greater detail:

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Match Schedule

Want to start marking out dates in your calendar to prepare yourself for future matches? Now you can! Browse the infographic provided below to see which dates the matches will occur in:

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Register for WGL APAC-Asia Season 3 on 21st November!

The Bronze Series for Season 3 will soon be open for all players on 21st November 2014 onwards. No matter what skill level you are or how many tournaments you have participated in before this one, we want you to sign up and be a part of it!

Who knows, perhaps you may find yourself rising up to become the next future champion of Asia...

More details will be following very shortly - check back soon for more details regarding registration dates and how to participate in the tournament!