[Special] War Veteran #3

Julius Caesar himself regarded experience as the best teacher, and so it is with tank battles. The more tournaments you join, the faster you’ll improve your skills – and exclusively for this month, the better the rewards you’ll earn to accelerate your training with!

Plus, if you’re consistent in your efforts over the next few weeks, you’ll be able to lay claim to an even bigger cache of treasures! So be sure not to miss a week!

[Special] War Veteran #3

Event Start: 15 Oct 2017 (Sunday) @ 14:00 UTC +8
Event End: 22 Oct 2017 (Sunday) @ 14:00 UTC +8


Play 3 Tournament Battles in Tier III – VIII tanks.


  • Available 3 times per account


  • 2x +100% Crew EXP Booster (2 hours)

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BONUS! Additional rewards for completing War Veteran missions #1-4:

  • 2x +50% EXP Booster (1 hour)
  • 2x +100% Crew EXP Booster (2 hours)
  • 1x +10% Credits Booster (4 hours)
  • AutoExtinguishersIcon.png 3x Automatic Fire Extinguisher
  • LargeRepairkitIcon.png 3x Large Repair Kit
  • LargeMedkitIcon.png 3x Large First Aid Kit