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Updated Team Battles Mode: A Detailed Look

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Tank Commanders,

Late last month, we briefly told you about the upcoming major changes happening to the Team Battles mode. We've got more details to share this time, so sit tight and read on!

Permanent Teams, Ranks and Team Creation

In Team Battle mode, any player can create a team simply by selecting Ranked Battles and clicking on the Create Team button. When that's done, the player can send invitations to join the team to other players.

Up to 20 invitations can be pending at any given time.

A Permanent Team consists of up to 12 players. Team members can hold ranks and titles, such as:

  • Team Commander
  • Officer
  • Private

By default, the Team Commander will always be the player who creates the team. Detailed description of rank permissions can be found below:

Team Commander
  • Transfer the Commander's permissions
  • Dismiss the team
  • Restore the dismissed team

  • Manage the team (invite/exclude players from the team, change team member's rank)

  • Edit team properties (change the name, emblem, etc.)
  • Gather the team (for Ranked or Unranked Battles)
  • Switch between Ranked and Unranked Battles
  • Start battles (Ranked or Unranked Battles)
  • Gather the team (for Ranked or Unranked Battles)
  • Switch between Ranked and Unranked Battles
  • Participate in battles
  • Leave the team
  • Accept invitation to the team for a Ranked or Unranked Battle
  • Participate in battles
  • Leave the team


A team may have an unlimited number of Officers and Privates, but only one player can be the Team Commander.

Playing in Divisions


The WG League

In future, the best teams will have a chance to compete in battles against professional eSports teams; according to the Season results, the teams that reach Division 1 of Ladder A will participate in a tournament to win a chance to play in the Silver League.

The dates of the tournament will be announced on the portal when they are available.

New Awards

Participating in the new Team Battles mode will grant new awards and medals for specific achievements. Here are some of the medals one can expect to receive:


Award IconAward TypeAward NameConditions
Honorary Ranks Tactical Superiority Destroy all enemy vehicles while losing only one friendly vehicle.
Honorary Ranks Victory March The award is granted for winning a series of battles as a member of a Permanent Team. To get the award, win 3 or more battles in a row.
Group Awards Tactical Supremacy Win the battle by destroying all enemy vehicles while not losing any allied vehicles.
Group Awards Sudden Strike Win the battle by capturing the enemy base with a group of at least 2 allied vehicles.
Stage Awards For Strategic Operations For the number of victories on a Permanent Team.