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Tier X Is Coming To The WGL!

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The Wargaming eSports team is delighted to announce that beginning with WGL APAC-Asia Season II 2015-2016, all official tournaments across the globe will be conducted using the new Tier X format. This is part of our push to continually deliver the most exciting and rewarding experience possible for both player and spectator alike, and we believe that the best way forward is to encourage everyone to push their limits and challenge themselves at the highest level of competitive play – Tier X.

Tier X battle tests have been taking place across the world, and both player and fan feedback have been explosive. “It’s the highest level of skill combined with the highest level of content,” says Mohammad Fadl, Wargaming’s Global Head of eSports, “and this combination is set to deliver the biggest bang of entertainment the WGL has ever witnessed.”

At present, most of the finer details of this new format are still being worked out, but in the meantime, prepare to see some awesome new strategies come into play, and some of the most massive and fearsome tanks in the game going head-to-head on the battlefield. Stay tuned for more updates coming your way!