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The Road to Seoul: 13Cats’ Journey

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I was lucky to be able to win the The Road to Seoul 2015, and with it the privilege to attend the WGL APAC Season I Finals in person!

I never expected that I would win and be able to go to Korea for the Finals. I had to rush to get my passport done, but it was worth it: We were flying Business Class on Thai Airways (555+)!  This was my first time travelling out of Taiwan, so thank you, Wargaming!

The hotel was located in the Gangnam district of Seoul, Korea.

We were fed really well; all our meals were provided, from common fare to Korean Barbeque. Everything was paid for by Wargaming!

Then came the big Event: The WGL APAC Season I Finals!

Here are the contents of the gift pack we received:

We would like to give our thanks and regards to the Wargaming employees who made all this possible. As a tribute, here is a photo of them goofing around:

[Thanks to greedyfire from 13Cats for sharing his experiences from the trip. We hope you had a great time with us, and look forward to seeing you in our next tournament!]