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Team Battle Leaderboard Reset

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The Team Ranked Battle mode has attracted a vast number of teams since the beginning of its beta stage, and the thousands of battles fought have provided enough data to make even the most dedicated intern team weep. The time has come to draw conclusions, rethink your tactics, and start over!

The Team Battle Leaderboard will be wiped clean of all statistics overnight June 17th at 5am (UTC +8). This 40 minutes will not influence the rosters or structure of existing teams in any way, so you can feel safe about your team names.

Please note, however, that the tick in your team profile which enables recruitment will be unchecked after the restart, so if you wish to resume member recruitment, be sure to re-select it! Otherwise, the reset should proceed without any interruption to your tanking experience. Whatever your ladder or division, everyone will be put on the same ring once again and the battle for fame and fortune can resume straight away.

We will continue to monitor the Leaderboard statistics and improve the feature in the coming updates. But don’t wait until you become decrepit – get right back into the ring and prove you’re running the best team in World of Tanks!