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TanksAsia Open Season Ro8 Teams Determined

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Tank Commanders,

Qualifiers 2 (Round of 16) for TanksAsia Masters Open Season is now over. The top 8 teams of TanksAsia Open Season have been decided and these teams will battle for the top 4 placings in the quarter finals.

The first match of Round of 8 starts this Thursday, 9th May at 20:10 hrs UTC+8 (12:10 UTC) and will conclude on the 10th May where we will then have the final 4 teams battle for their place in the finals.

The battles will get even harder and much more exciting from here so don't forget to tune into the live stream to keep yourself updated with the progress of the tournament!

In no particular order or rank, the 8 teams are:

  1. U Are Dead
  2. RTA-E
  3. Alpha Team Singapore
  4. (I-A-F)Professional
  5. NightEagles
  6. Silly Ducks Revolution
  7. AVANTE-GARDE (formerly Grumpy Old Men)
  8. the Inspired Aggregated Force

The full schedule of Round of 8 can be found here.