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TanksAsia Masters: On to the Finals of Season 1!

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It's been a week since the last qualifying matches have ended. The results have been collated and points awarded to the deserving teams who have fought a long and ardous battle for a placing in the finals. Their efforts will be paid off handsomely when they come together on 7th September (Saturday) at the Command Centre; by Wargaming for the final and grandest showdown of Season 1.

Two of the most elite teams in Asia, Insidious Gaming and PVP Super Friends will fight tooth and claw against each other in the final battle for the champion title and the insane prize money of USD 60,000. Having come so far into the tournament with the trophy within their grasp, there's no doubt the stars have aligned for these teams and lady luck is smiling down upon them. The only thing that's left is for these players to work their magic.


07 Sep


Grand Finals
Insidious Gaming
PVP Super Friends

Just who will be the one who will rise up to claim the trophy? We're dying to find out and hungry for a piece of pro action!

Join us this Saturday for the grand finale to find out if your predictions are accurate. Don't miss out on this historical moment in TanksAsia Masters!

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