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TanksAsia Masters National Series

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Can You Tank This?

TanksAsia Season 1 will soon come to a close at the grand finals which will be held in Singapore at our very own cybercafé, Command Centre; by Wargaming on 7th September (Saturday). Season 1 has not concluded yet but the eSports team here in already has some new tricks up its sleeves.

Presenting the TanksAsia Masters National Series – it’s your train ticket to the finals of TanksAsia Masters Season 2 if you’re looking for an alternative route to netting yourself the championship title. If that has piqued your interest already, then lean in close and read on further.

So what exactly is the TanksAsia Masters National Series?

The TanksAsia National Series is a nation-wide tournament to determine the best team who will represent their country to face off against the top 8 teams of TanksAsia Masters Season 2. In total, 14 of the best teams in Asia (6 country teams and top 8 Season 2 teams) will enter a battle royale at the playoffs to oust the competition and secure a placing in the finals of TanksAsia Masters Season 2.

Australia will be the first of 6 countries to start off the tournament and the other countries (Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan and Philippines) will follow suit shortly. Qualifiers for National Series Australia will take place from 28 - 29 September and the Finals on 05 October. Transport and accommodation to Sydney will be fully sponsored for finalists. Not only will the winners be able to walk away with attractive cash prizes, but will also get to represent Australia at the World Cyber Games (WCG) 2013 in China.

So step right up, all you courageous souls who dare tread onto the perilous grounds of the League. The going may be tough but the rewards lying in wait at the end will be more than worth your while. We’ll see you at the finish line!

Let's Battle!

TanksAsia Masters National Series Australia
Qualifiers: 28 - 29 September, 2013
Finals: 05 October, 2013

Registrations will close on 25 September, 2013 (Wednesday).

Tournament and registration details for the other countries will be announced shortly. Please keep a look out for them on the portal.