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TanksAsia Master Open Season Qualifiers

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Dear Tank Commanders,

Due to the overwhelming response received, it has been decided that qualifiers for TanksAsia Masters Open Season will take place this weekend on 6th April (Sat) to determine the 32 teams who will compete in the tournament. The Open Season round of 32 teams will take place on these dates - 11th, 12th, 13th, 18th, 19th, 20th, 25th and 26th April with 2 matches played per day.

Qualifiers for Open Season

  • 6th April, 2013 (Saturday) - To determine the 32 teams who will compete in Open Season.

Open Season

To view the Open Season Schedules, please click here.

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Registrations will be closed this Friday, April 5th @ 23:59 UTC+8 (15:59 UTC).

TanksAsia Masters Open Season Qualifiers Details

With a maximum of 7 players per battle (11 players per team), a team must field a selection of tanks based on the below tier limits. Teams are limited to a maximum of 42 tier points.

  • Heavy: 8
  • Medium: 8
  • Light: 8
  • TD: 8
  • SPG: 8
  • A team must use 7 tanks to access 42 available tier points. A team with less than 7 tanks decreases their available tier points by 1 for every missing vehicle.

Victory Conditions

The winner of each round is determined as the first to 3 victories out of 5 rounds.

Each battle will last 10 minutes max.

The standard battle mode will be used for this tournament.


Note that only 32 teams out of the total number of 128 teams will qualify for Open Season. The 128 teams are on a first come first serve basis.

Rounds for this qualifier will begin at 20:00 UTC +8 (12:00 UTC) and end after the round of 64 teams when the top 32 teams have qualified.

  • Round 1 (Round of 128 teams), Ruinberg: Saturday, April 6th 20:00 UTC +8 (12:00 UTC)
  • Round 2 (Round of 64 teams), Himmelsdorf: Saturday, April 6th 21:30 UTC +8 (13:30 UTC)

Curious what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!

Team Captains of the qualified 32 teams are to PM Raistlin on the forums with the following details by 7th April, Sunday 20:00 UTC+8 (12:00 UTC): 

  • Cellphone number
  • Skype contact

Go to TanksAsia Masters microsite.