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TanksAsia Masters 2013

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Flash back to last year: Remember when we closed the Weekly Tournaments at the end of 2012, we said that we would be rolling out a new series of tournaments on a larger scale to cater to our ever growing community of Tank Commanders? 3 months have passed us by since then (how time flies!) and now the time has come for us to deliver on our good promise.

The team has worked hard over the months and we're really proud to present to you the TanksAsia Masters 2013!

Can You Tank This?

This tournament will be THE biggest challenge yet and an ultimate test of your personal skill, teamwork and the strategies you have painstakingly refined time over time. There's no way to go but to the top and getting there will place you upon a pedestal with a cash prize of USD50,000 and the ultimate bragging rights over the others as the first champion of this unprecedented tournament league.

  • Champion: 50,000 USD
  • Second place: 20,000 USD
  • Third place and Fourth Place: 4,000 USD per team
  • Round of 8: 1,500 USD per Team
  • Round of 16: 1,000 USD per Team
  • Round of 32: 500 USD per team

This is your time to shine! Take this opportunity now to show the world that you and your team have what it takes to compete on a global stage.

Your path to incredible prizes and global recognition begins here with TanksAsia Masters. Sign up today!


Go to the TanksAsia Masters microsite.