[Tournament] Tank Academy Week #36 - Fight to the Last!

Welcome to the Tank Academy, a weekly digest of upcoming tournaments, competitive in-game activities, and fun content that you won't want to miss.

Current Activities

  • The final week of the Steel Hunter event  is upon us. Don't miss the opportunity to grind out all the awesome rewards available before the event ends on the morning of 16 September! And if you've already reached Rank 25, you'll be happy to know that the fun doesn't stop there – check out the new missions that have been added just for you!
  • Over the weekend, Rcheng_ettel, TTCF, and Sigh of team A-sigh-hao-cheng fought it out live on stream in the Tank Rivals competition and proved themselves the strongest of the Steel Hunters! They've won themselves 5,000 and an amazing Elgato Stream Deck, plus loads of gold bonus codes to distribute to their biggest fans. Make sure you're following their channels to find out how you can share in their loot!
  • Amid all the exciting activities taking place recently, don't forget to keep up with your tournament participation! These are the Commanders who are currently in the running to win themselves some tasty Improved Equipment:





    1 KOW_TheBestQuynhMeo 49 _KOW_
    2 IGN_BestNoob 48 WAFKS
    3 Red_Trigger 44 WAFKS
    4 Gtun 38 -NOS-
    5 Night__Rider 31 -NOS-
    RH_BackStab 31 -NOS-
    7 TRUM_CHO_GA 29 P-F
    8 trum_trom_ga 24 EMPIR
    RainbowAssassin 24 TEAL
    10 nhutvi 21 P-F
    11 RavioliAldente 19 -
    choupinuo 19 BLG
    13 _stretch_ 18 -
    Parker_51 18 YETI
    J_heifetz 18 DUAL
    16 __HPM__ 17 -EZY-
    17 TheReturned 16 TEAL
    Nice_Mr_Tsang 16 OPA
    20 Darksider267 15 YETI

This Week's Tournaments







Tournament Format

Tier VI


Tier X

Tier VII

Tier IV

Registration Ends

12 Sep 2019
17:00 UTC +8

13 Sep 2019
17:00 UTC +8

14 Sep 2019
12:00 UTC +8

15 Sep 2019
17:00 UTC +8

17 Sep 2019
17:00 UTC +8

Match Date

12 Sep 2019

20:00 UTC +8 (HK server)

20:00 UTC +10 (AU server)

13 Sep 2019

20:00 UTC +8 (HK server)

20:00 UTC +10 (AU server)

14 Sep 2019

14:00 UTC +8 (HK server only)

15 Sep 2019

20:00 UTC +8 (HK server)

20:00 UTC +10 (AU server)

17 Sep 2019

20:00 UTC +8 (HK server)

20:00 UTC +10 (AU server)

Tournament Match Guide

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Tournament Terms & Conditions


Please read this carefully before registration!

  • Rewards will only be given to players who have participated in at least 1 battle during the tournament.

  • Captains MUST confirm their team's lineup to validate their registration; teams that have not confirmed their lineups by the end of the registration period will not be able to participate in the tournament or receive prizes.
  • Prizes will be credited within 2 weeks (10 working days) of the end of the tournament.

  • Wargaming Asia may choose to terminate the contest/event or change/reassign the prize at any time without notice.

  • In addition, Wargaming Asia reserves the right to disqualify players who do not comply with official Wargaming rules and tournament regulations, or those who seek to abuse the mechanics of the tournament.