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TanksAsia Masters National Series AU: Top 4

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Tank Commanders,

The qualifiers of TanksAsia Masters National Series Australia are now over. Teams Sea Cucumber, Avante Garde, Mindfreak and Cherry Pickers, the top 4 teams to emerge from the qualifiers will move on to compete at the semi-finals which will be held at EBGames Expo in Sydney Australia on 4th October. Finals will be held on 5th October.

Congratulations on your advance to the semi-finals and we wish everyone all the very best!

  • Sea Cucumber
  • Avante Garde
  • Mindfreak
  • Cherry Pickers

Australia is the first of 6 countries to start off the National Series and the champion will be seeded into Season 2 where they can get to contest for bigger cash prizes. On top of that, winners will represent Australia at the World Cyber Games 2013 (WCG) in China and have flight and accommodation fully paid for.

Winners of National Series Australia will get to walk away with these fantastic prizes:

Champion: USD 1,500 + T-shirt + Full set gaming peripherals + 70,000 gold
1st runner up: USD 1,000 + T-shirt + 35,000 gold
2nd runner up: USD 500 + T-shirt + 21,000 gold

To find out which team will be the pride of Australia to represent the country at WCG 2013, please join us onground at the event venue or tune into the live stream during the finals!

EBGames Expo Sydney Australia
 Date: 04 - 06 October, 2013
 Time: 4th October: 9am - 3pm (Daylight session) , 4pm - 9pm (Twilight session)
5th October: 9am - 3pm (Daylight session) , 4pm - 9pm (Twilight session)
6th October: 9am - 4pm

EBGames Expo, 1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia 

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Get more details about TanksAsia Masters National Series (Australia) here.

EBGames Expo, 1 Showground Rd, Sydney Olympic Park NSW 2127, Australia