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Watch TanksAsia Masters National Series AU Finals (LIVE) [UPDATED]

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National Series AU has concluded. Congratulations to our champions, Team SEA Cucumbers who will be representing Australia at WCG 2013!

Watch live video from wargamingasia on 

The channels that the tournament will be streamed on:, Youtube,

Can You Tank This?

The fight for Australia begins today! The finals of TanksAsia Masters National Series Australia will be taking to the stage at EBGames Expo at Sydney Australia where the top 2 teams of the tournament Avante Garde and SEA Cucumbers will be battling for amazing cash and gold prizes as well as the right to represent Australia at the World Cyber Games 2013 (WCG) which will be held in Kunshan, China.

Watch the greatest battles unfold today via the live stream and root for your favourite team. Streaming and live tournament will start at 11:00 UTC+10 (01:00 UTC). Follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get updates and photos of the event.


The teams will be playing as per the following schedule. Please note that timings are UTC+10 (Australia time). Curious as to what time this is in your region? Use this handy Time Zone Converter to help you out!

Matches will be based on a Best of 7 (race to 4) format.


05 Oct


3rd & 4th

Cherry Pickers


  Avante Garde
SEA Cucumbers

Team Roster

Team Captain:
  • AVANT_Grivyn
  • AVANT_bingobongo
  • AVANT_Blade12444
  • AVANT_Freshmeat
  • AVANT_Horror
  • AVANT_impsycho
  • AVANT_Jamo128
  • AVANT_Zenyeldar
Team Captain:
  • MF_Ajax
  • MF_8ooz3r
  • MF_Bojangalz
  • MF_DeerHunter666
  • MF_Smashiit
  • MF_SweetBreads
  • MF_Vindicare
Team Captain:
  • Bridgeburner
  • Anutoh
  • Batman
  • comix
  • deksta
  • djuice
  • Ezz
  • n_station
Team Captain:
  • Chappo
  • AVANT_TrozOz
  • Mcmole
  • Nugster
  • paulsmith
  • Smok3zz1
  • topshelf


3rd & 4th
3rd Place

Cherry Pickers

(0:1), (0:2), (0:3)


Grand Finals

Avante Garde

(0:1), (0:2), (1:2), (2:2), (2:3), (2:4)

SEA Cucumbers
SEA Cucumbers



TanksAsia Masters National Series Australia Microsite

It's been a week since the last qualifying matches have ended. The results have been collated and points awarded to the deserving teams who have fought a long and ardous battle for a placing in the finals. Their efforts will be paid off handsomely when they come together on 7th September (Saturday) at the Command Centre; by Wargaming for the final and grandest showdown of Season 1.

Eight of the most elite teams in Asia will fight tooth and claw against one another in the final battle for the champion title and the insane prize money of USD XX. Having come so far into the tournament and with the trophy within their grasp, there's no doubt the stars of these teams are aligned and lady luck is smiling down upon them with her favour. The only thing that's left is for these players to work their magic.

Just who will be the alpha male who will rise above the rest to lead the pack? Join us to find out if your predictions are accurate. The only thing we know for sure now is that we're hungry for a piece of pro action!