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Supanova Tournament (AUS/NZ)

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Tank Commanders, has recently announced plans to embark on a professional Esports league in a quest to bridge the gap between the World of Tanks' gaming communities and bring Tank Commanders from all over the world closer together. In line with this newfound direction and to emphasize our efforts in advancing World of Tanks on to the global eSports scene, will be launching the Supanova tournament for players from Australia and New Zealand.

Who will rise in the fall?

It is with great pleasure to announce that the autumn series of the tournament will be commencing soon in March with four online qualifier matches which will lead up to the finals at Supanova Melbourne on 13-14 April, 2013 where it will feature a $10,000 prize pool to be contested for.

Qualifier #1 Qualifier #2 Qualifier #3 Qualifier #4 FINALS
17 March, 2013
10:00 AEDT
24 March, 2013
10:00 AEDT
30 March, 2013
10:00 AEDT
31 March, 2013
10:00 AEDT
13-14 April, 2013

1st place - Invite to live event finals

2nd place - Invite to live event finals

3rd place - 750per player

4th place - 500per player

 $10,000 prize pool

We look forward to the growth of the competitive community and eagerly anticipate more pro gamers to come forward and bring a higher level of play into World of Tanks.

Take your first step now to global stardom now by taking part in Supanova. The world awaits you!

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