The Silver Mavericks Tournament is Back!

Wondering what it’s like to battle with the best and earn the adoration of fans everywhere? Ponder no longer, for your chance to become one of the region’s elite tank commanders is finally here. The Silver Mavericks tournament has returned as promised, and ambitious new challengers now will be closer than ever to their dreams of entering the League APAC Gold Series!


Instead of a lengthy pre-tournament qualifying process this time round, all World of Tanks PC players physically residing in the Asia Pacific region and possessing Asia server accounts will be eligible to register for the Silver Mavericks tournament.

And since Korea’s Meltdown has regrettably disbanded, leaving only 7 teams in the League, the top team from this tournament will be seeded directly into the Gold Series for the upcoming Extended Season. The 2nd place team will battle Season II 8th place team The Coalition Zoo – who therefore are now in 7th place – for the last Gold Series spot.

 Tournament Structure

  • Tier Points: 70
  • Maximum Tank Tier: 10
  • Team Roster: 7 players + 5 reserves
  • Game Mode: Attack/Defense
  • Prizes (per player):
    • 1st place: Entrance to WGL APAC Gold Series8,000
    • 2nd place: Entrance to WGL APAC Gold Series (via Promotion Match) + 8,000
    • 3rd – 4th place: 4,000
    • 5th – 8th place: 2,000


Registration ends: 17 Aug 2017, Thursday, 12pm UTC +8

Open Qualifiers

  • Tournament Brackets: Single Elimination (8 groups of 16 teams), BO5
  • Match Date: 19 Aug 2017, Saturday, 2pm UTC +8
  • Progression: Top team of each group proceeds to Playoffs


  • Tournament Brackets: Single Elimination, BO5 (Final match BO9)
  • Match Date: 20 Aug 2017, Sunday, 10am UTC +8
  • Progression: Champion team seeded directly to Gold Series; 2nd place team advances to Promotion Match

Promotion Match

  • Tournament Brackets: Single Elimination, BO9
  • Match Date: 20 Aug 2017, Sunday, 7pm UTC +8
  • Progression:
    • 2nd place Playoffs team battles 8th place Season II Gold Series team (The Coalition Zoo)
    • Winner seeded into Gold Series

This means that you’ll be seeing more of the following teams this Season:

  • EL Gaming
  • Team Efficiency
  • Caren Tiger
  • Horsemen
  • B-Gaming
  • DarkWolves
  • Silver Mavericks ChampionPromotion Match winner – one of these could be YOU!

So the question is, are you ready for eSports stardom? Register NOW and find out!

Full details on this Season’s Gold Series will be released after the Silver Mavericks tournament ends, so stay tuned for updates on the results!

Let's Battle!

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