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[Results] Supanova Tournament Qualifier #1

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The first round of the AU/ NZ Autumn Series qualifier is over and the top two teams have emerged from this bracket, earning them their spots in the finals at Supanova Melbourne. The first 2 out of a batch of 8, these teams are already relatively well known in the World of Tanks eSports arena for having exceptional players and for being regular participants in a lot of competitions. We would like to extend our congratulations to Grumpy Old Men and PBKAC for their success in advancing to the finals!

The first team we’d like to introduce to you is Grumpy Old Men. This team is mentioned first for good reason, as they have already shown from their active participation in tournaments that experience does matter. A renowned team that has gained much recognition for being familiar faces in numerous events and competitions, they are often placed amongst the top finishers. Evidence of their prowess was exhibited last week in the qualifier matches with their members demonstrating some fantastic clutch play. Grumpy Old Men is one team to really watch out for at the finals!

Watch the video below of some fantastic clutch play that happened:


The second team that will be making a trip to the Autumn Series finals is PBKAC! They had submitted 2 teams for the qualifiers and during last Saturday's matches, we saw both squads go head to head for a spot in the finals before one side finally emerged the victor to progress through to the semi finals. They were met with Mostly Purple during this matchup whom they swiftly defeated to take the win, thus cementing their place in the Autumn Series finals.

If you want to take part in the AU/ NZ Autumn Series tournament and think you deserve a place next to these 2 teams in the finals, there is still time to qualify. The signups for the second qualifier are now open (4 x qualifiers in total) and the matches will take place on Sunday mid morning to afternoon. All teams from across Australia and New Zealand are eligible to enter and submission of multiple teams from larger clans is also recommended. 


If you need assistance or help with the ESL site or creating a team, please see our gameday thread here.