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Tank Commanders!

WGL Asia is finally here, bringing with it a shot at fame and fortune for anyone daring enough to rise up to the challenge. As the biggest World of Tanks tournament in the region, WGL Asia is set to host the best teams today in an epic battle for a total prizepool of 100,000 USD! One question remains:

Can You Tank This?

Starting from May 2014, Season 1 of WGL Asia will host up to 128 teams, who will be placed into scheduled matches every single week. With three Series to compete in (Bronze, Silver and Gold), there is a bracket for any and all skill levels. However, only the best of the best that remain in the Gold Series at the end of the Season may get the chance to advance one step further... to the Grand Finals.

Masters of APAC

After an intense round-of-8 clash among the teams in the Gold Series, the top two teams will advance to the Grand Finals, where they will be joined with the best team hailing from WGL Korea (a sister-tournament). There, they will participate in one last battle to decide the ultimate champion of Asia.

Cash Prizes and Rewards

Season 1 Prize Money

Champions deserve no less than the best. This includes prizes as well! The top 3 teams that will play in the Grand Finals will each receive:

  • Champion: 60,000 USD
  • 1st Runner-up: 20,000 USD
  • 2nd Runner-up: 8,500 USD

Unlike previous other tournaments, we're also offering a little something to those teams that have managed to attain a spot in the Gold Series. These teams will also be awarded cash prizes:

  • 3rd Place: 1,500 USD
  • 4th Place: 1,000 USD
  • 5th Place: 500 USD
  • 6th Place: 500 USD
  • 7th Place: 500 USD
  • 8th Place: 500 USD

Bronze Series in-game gold Rewards

Who says only the champions get to win something? Not true!

Each week, the top 16 teams in the Bronze Series will also receive a sum of in-game gold as a reward. Each team will get a different amount, based upon their performance for that week:

  • 1st - 4th Place: 2,000
  • 5th - 8th Place: 1,500
  • 9th - 16th Place: 1,000

Register Now!

This is your chance to battle with the big dogs and prove yourself to be every bit as skilled as they are. If you dream of going toe-to-toe with the best teams in Asia (you know who they are) and winning 60,000 USD by proving yourself to be a master at World of Tanks, then sign up today!
The registration period for Week 1 of the Bronze Series begins now, and will close on 9th May (Friday), 12:00 UTC +8 (04:00 UTC).

Good luck, and see you on the battlefield!

Let's Battle!

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