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IMMORTALS will be disqualifed from WGL APAC-Asia Season 1

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We would like to announce that with effect from Saturday 21st June 2014, Team IMMORTALS will be disqualified from WGL APAC-Asia Season 1 entirely due to a violation of tournament rules. More specifically, it was discovered that one member of the team was found guilty of violating Clause 10.4 of the Match Rules section in the WGL APAC-Asia Gold Series Regulations, which states that:

If there is discovery of the use of a ringer or faker in the place of another player, the team will be disqualified from the tournament.

As a result of the disqualification, team ONE BLOOD has been contacted to replace them in the upper bracket semi-finals in Day 2 of the Gold Series.

Wargaming would like to emphasize that any form of illegal activities or cheating in tournaments will not be tolerated. We believe and would like to ensure that all players will be able to compete in the cleanest and fairest tournament possible.

We hope that this incident will serve as a reminder to the players that all tournament rules must be followed; teams that are found guilty of breaking them will be met with swift investigation and penalization.

We thank you for your kind understanding in this matter.