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QYC Q3 Week 3 Recaps

Tank Commanders!

Welcome back to the third week of QYC Q3! Four teams have come together once again to battle for supremacy in the charts. Who will prove themselves to be worthy adversaries and who will be defeated this time?

If you've already watched the matches live, you'd know the answer to that. Otherwise, just skip onwards to the recaps below to find out!

15th October


Match 1: Life is Tupas vs. Baks Treat Boys

Match 1: Life is Tupas vs Baks Treat Boys

Game number 1 was played on Sacred Valley. Baks Treat Boys first initiated the capture after getting lit quite a few times, but  Life is Tupas stayed calm and counterplayed every move that Baks Treat Boys made after they attempted the capture, using superior HP and positioning to their advantage, subsequently taking the game while dropping only a single tank.

In contrast, neither side was going for the capture in game number 2 on Malinovka. Instead we saw them both rush up to the north east side of the map for a front-sided battle. The exchanges were initially very even, but the windmill that Baks Treat Boys used for cover worked against them and we saw one tank on Tupas get away with 4 kills.  The set goes to Life is Tupas 2:0.

Match 1 Winner

Life is Tupas 2:0 Baks Treat Boys


Match 2: Steel Knight vs. Nvidia Aces Gaming Bravo

Match 2: Steel Knight vs. Nvidia Aces Gaming Bravo

Game number 1 began in Siegfried Line, which showed Steel Knight being reluctant to move out and initiate a capture. NVIDIA Aces was essentially forced to move out to the spawn of Steel Knight, and lost two tanks just as the clock hit 0:0. With just one simple observation, any spectator could see that Steel Knight was given the damage lead after game number 1.

Game number 2 was played on Malinovka. Initially, we saw NVIDIA Aces Bravo chasing Steel Knight around the map, but this quickly got turned around as Steel Knight began the process of destroying all but one Nvidia Aces tank without losing any of their own.

With the definitive damage lead that almost anyone could see, NVIDIA Aces was the assaulting team in the Assault mode game played on Karelia. World of Tanks is a game where positioning can decide more than half the game and this game was certainly no exception. As the 4 minute mark approached, and Aces Gaming Bravo was getting more and more anxious, they initiated the capture that led to the destruction of their own team. Steel Knight was ready to intercept and prevent the capture. They took the set 3:2, and advanced to the grand finals of the evening.

Match 2 Winner

Steel Knight 3:2 Nvidia Aces Gaming Bravo


Match 3: Nvidia Aces Gaming Bravo vs. Baks Treat Boys


No recap available due to walkover


Match 3: Nvidia Aces Gaming Bravo vs. Baks Treat Boys

Baks Treat Boys forfeited this match, giving Nvidia Aces the win for this match.

Match 3 Winner

Nvidia Aces Gaming Bravo 3:X Baks Treat Boys


Finals: Steel Knight vs Life is Tupas



Finals: Steel Knight vs Life is Tupas

Game number 1 on Murovanka was extremely passive from both sides, but towards the end we did see Steel Knight deal out one shot of damage on Life is Tupas, giving them a damage lead should we see an assault mode game.

Game number 2 was played on Malinovka and both sides rushed for the North-east end of the map, ending in a draw with Life is Tupas taking down a single tank on Steel Knight. With two draws in a row, the final game will be decided on an Assault map as per tournament rules.

The assault mode game was played on Sand River and Steel Knight was able to overcome the enemy team’s position and eliminate all of them by the 2:30 minute mark. The Steel Knight therefore takes the set and will be going on to the Grand Finals!

Finals Winner

Steel Knight 3:2 Life is Tupas